The world’s first, totally electronic street race category, Formula E, is breaking boundaries in the Motorsport world with it’s raw electric power and advanced technical capabilities.   With genuine competition between drivers, the 2017/2018 championship is set to be an exciting competition for the Motorsport industry and fans alike.

The vehicle specifications are limited to what can and cannot be altered, but for the fourth season, an opening in the regulations will see teams making changes to their wheels, specific to their individual requirements.  Maybe not an area where you would think you would see drastic changes, but we have all seen small changes lead to big accomplishment in Motorsport before.

The teams of the fourth season of the FIA Formula E Championship have been considering all options to optimise performance, where they can, after the FIA ruled that they were opening up their wheel regulations and teams were no longer required to maintain the exact same product.  Allowing Zircotec to be chosen as a thermal barrier coating solution where required.  

The TBC supplied meets the specification for teams who are trying to keep weight to a minimum, whilst also reducing heat soak from the brakes through to the tyres.  The thermal barrier coating allows these teams to keep regulated heat in the brakes, whilst preventing drastic increase the tyre pressures, and adds just 0.75 – 0.9kg/m2 when applied to an aluminium structure.

These Zircotec coatings have been tried and tested by some of the most prestigious Original Equipment Manufacturers and Formula 1 teams.  Including thermal barrier coatings on carbon composite parts where lightweighting vehicles is a priority in team strategy.

The other clear benefit from adding a thermal barrier coating is decreasing surface degradation.  Heat soak is likely the second biggest source of material wear when it comes to Motorsport, and a thermal barrier coating that acts as a source of heat management allows components to be used in harsher environments for extended periods of time.  

With Formula E still relatively in its infancy,  and with increasing interest and infatuation with the sport, the teams are beginning to set their own standards for performance and show their incredible capabilities.  It is a sport that Zircotec is proud to be supporting and look forward to what comes next for the championship.

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