Zircotec’s pioneering thermal barrier technology is the choice of solution for many teams across the F1 grid for the protection of composite brake ducts.

With the 2018 season of Formula 1 rapidly closing in on us, Zircotec are taking a look at their involvement in the historical sport, which has seen some of the most exciting technological advances within Motorsport in the last decade.  

Zircotec coatings are currently applied to brake ducts to perform as a thermal barrier between the heat from the brakes and the ducts themselves, protecting them from degradation and delamination.  This solution was developed due to the ever-increasing ambition for the lightweighting of these incredibly advanced race cars.  A challenge that has since made its way into the more mainstream Automotive Industry.  

Teams were, and still are, progressively utilising carbon composite within the vehicles; however finding that not all areas could withstand the vast amount of heat that is created.  The brake ducts in particular, are in such close proximity to the friction generated heat from the brake pads, that carbon composite was not initially an entirely feasible solution.

Zircotecs thermal barrier solution are able to solve some of the complications of using carbon composite brake shrouds, by adding minimal weight to the lightweighting product yet offering an important reduction in heat transfer from the brake discs.  This reduction significantly lessens degradation to the components, ultimately ensuring a longer life time of these critical vehicle aspects.

One team who utilised Zircotec coatings said:

We use Zircotecs Performance Aluminium coatings on carbon composite parts that see extended periods of high temperature radiating from the brake discs.  Before we moved to this product we would often carry out repairs owing to delamination caused by heat soak which is a huge problem, particularly after a long run.  The Performance Aluminium coating however has significantly reduced this and component life has increased as well”

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