Zircotec’s high performance coatings are becoming more widely used.

Car manufacturers, Motorsports teams  and car enthusiasts require the benefits of thermal barrier coatings to reduce the temperatures on the engine bay.
Our process has been referenced all across the globe as the best thermal barrier application for the Motorsport industry, and the benefits are widely known.

Reduced surface temperatures, faster flowing gases throughout the exhaust system, improved performance and better protection against corrosion and the elements makes Zircotec’s ceramic coatings the best thermal barrier available.

After a very productive year on 2016, Zircotec has revised its Sponsorship contracts for 2017.

For successful applications, we will be offering up to 50% discount on our heat shielding products and our ceramic coating services for teams and individuals within qualifying Race series.

To apply, just send us an e-mail to enquiries@zircotec.com with your Plan of Events for 2017.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

zircotec high performance coatings

To qualify for the Sponsorship, please send us the events you’re planning to race and the agenda you’ll have in place, along with an introduction to your background.

For the Motorsport application, we recommend the use of our Performance White ceramic coating.

This ceramic coating offers a whopping 33% surface heat reduction and it is suitable up to 1,400°C.

Its main focus is the heat management, and its core purpose is to reduce the heat expelled by the exhaust system, under the bonnet.

Any composite items that sit on the engine bay can also be coated with our Composite ceramic coatings.
Designed for carbon or hard plastics, this coating is widely used on fuel rails or carbon brake ducts.

Zircotec’s high performance coatings focus on the performance – by containing the hot gases inside the exhaust system, these will flow faster towards the exhaust tips, improving the engine’s performance -, also allowing for the mechanics to work on the engine when the car comes to the pit stop, reducing the time it takes for the exhaust system to cool down.

Contact us to get more information about our high performance coatings as well as our ZircoFlex heat shields.

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