Zircotec Group are consulting a well-known supercar manufacturer in the development of a new thermal barrier coating to meet temperature and aesthetic requirements.

Having developed longstanding relationships with multiple manufacturers we have been actively working to overcome current challenges within the Automotive sector, including light-weighting, high temperatures and aesthetics. 

The Zircotec project & implementation team were requested by the supercar manufacturer to develop specific coloured thermal barrier coatings, in line with branding, that are thermally stable for applications on tailpipes and bodywork for one of their latest projects being released later in the year.

Throughout the initial consultation period, the manufacturer shared their bespoke requirements, allowing us to put together a unique testing programme to meet not only industry standards but also standards set by the manufacturer for this prestigious application.

To meet manufacturer demands, our project & implementation team has grown rapidly over the course of the year, and now run a testing facility and development laboratory on-site, where they are currently in the final phases of development with the manufacturer.

By utilising our in-house testing facilities, we have been able to emulate very specific environments throughout the testing phases and collect vast amounts of data to share with manufacturers.  It also allows us to invite our partners on site to see their testing data first-hand.

Having manufacturers on-site allows us to ensure that their requirements are being met at every phase of the process and allows room for decisions to be made or changed as required.  Our consultancy service has proven to be very flexible on this particular project and we are excited for the final products to be released and to see these new and bespoke thermal barriers out on the road.

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R&D Thermal Barrier Test Rig
  • The Zircotec Test-Rig was designed to emulate specified environmental factors.