ZircoFlex® II- A Flexible Ceramic Heat Shield

ZircoFlex® II is an engineered double thickness form of ZircoFlex® I that offers additional thermal barrier performance and a little more rigidity.

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Heat Shield
ZircoFlex II

ZircoFlex® II is produced as a thin aluminium backed matrix that is:

  • Flexible – ZircoFlex® II is easily bent and manipulated to suit different geometries and can be folded tightly through 180° without damaging the thermal barrier, though is it noticably more rigid than ZircoFlex® I.

  • Lightweight – Weighing only 1kg/m².

  • Thin – 0.5mm overall, needing only minimal space for installation.

  • Aluminium Backed – So the material is robust and easy to handle.

  • Easily Cut – And installed easily by hand or machine.

  • Easily Fixed in Place –  Using mechanical fasteners or high temperature adhesives supplied separately by Zircotec.

Performance Chart

Heat Shield Graph

Available Sizes

ZircoFlex Sheet Sizes

Technical Information

ZircoFlex® is believed to be the first ever flexible ceramic heat shield material.  It is the culmination of more than five years intensive research and materials science, using a new technology in which the ceramic material is sprayed in the form of thousands of individual platelets onto the surface of the backing foil.

While these platelets are close packed to provide comprehensive heat protection, their structure coupled with the forming processes allows the foil to be flexible, easily manipulated and bent to shape, adding to the uniqueness of this high quality and well developed product.

In its present form ZircoFlex® is suitable for applications with temperatures up t o 500°C.  We do not recommend using this grade of ZircoFlex® I in direct contact with high performance exhaust manifolds or headers.

To buy, or find out more, email sales@zircotec.com

Technical Testing

We commissioned an analysis of the performance of a leading commercial double walled heat shield material (5.25mm thick and 1.46kg/m²) with just one layer of ZircoFlex® I foil.  In both cases the heatshiheld was put in direct contact with the heat source (the worst case scenario) and temperature measurements were taken on the outer “cold” surface of each heat shield.  Under these conditions the commercial heat shield material was only able to achieve a temperature reduction of ∼35%, whilst the much thinner and lighter ZircoFlex® foil reduced temperatures by ∼64%.

A repeat of these tests with ZircoFlex® II and ZircoFlex® III revealed similarly spectacular results.  See above chart.

With patents pending, ZircoFlex® foil is unique and only available from Zircotec and its authorised partners.

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