Zircotec launches best-in-class heat shield ZircoFlex® Gold

Heat management specialist Zircotec claims the best heat shield product on the market just got better. At the Autosport Show in January, the company will launch ZircoFlex®  Gold which offers increased reflectivity over existing ZircoFlex®  materials, providing even greater levels of thermal protection.

ZircoFlex®  Gold is the latest development of the ZircoFlex®  range, providing outstanding thermal barrier performance with minimal weight and thickness. The material, which is available in several thicknesses on an aluminium substrate, can be self-supporting or supplied with a self-adhesive backing, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 500 °C.  Gold-sheet heat shielding came to prominence in the engine bay of the renowned McLaren F1 Roadcar, specified  by designer Gordan Murray due to its superior reflectivity and thermal diffusivity.

ZircoFlex® flexible ceramic heat shield material is the culmination of more than five years’ intensive research and development, using a new technology in which the ceramic material is sprayed in the form of thousands of individual ‘platelets’ onto the surface of the backing foil. While these platelets are close-packed to provide comprehensive heat protection, their structure coupled with the forming processes allows the foil to be flexible and easily manipulated and bent to shape.

“Our patented range of technologies and products has grown steadily over the years with new applications; ZircoFlex®  Gold is the latest example of this,” explained Zircotec Group Managing Director, Terry Graham. “At the same time, we have evolved from simply supplying coatings and heat shields to providing full thermal management expertise. This level of involvement allows our customers to take advantage of innovative solutions to packaging challenges, such as plasma-sprayed composites for high temperature applications. Increasingly we are asked to solve challenging issues such as protecting carbon fibre from powertrain heat, and helping facilitate tightly packed engines and exhaust systems.”

Zircotec was formally part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority and its expertise in thermal barrier technologies was originally developed for the nuclear industry. The company has been involved in motorsport since 1994, reducing driver fatigue by controlling cabin temperatures, increasing engine performance by keeping inlet systems cool, and aiding reliability by protecting sensitive components from exhaust heat.

ZircoFlex®  Gold is available in three different sizes: A4 (297 X 210mm); Half Sheet (450 X 550mm) and Full Sheet (900 X 550mm). Prices start from as little as £16+VAT and all ZircoFlex® products can be purchased through the company’s online shop or by phoning directly on +44 (0) 1235 54 60 50.  ZircoFlex® heat shield products are unique and only available from Zircotec and its authorised partners, who are able to offer thermal management expertise on how to best use these products in your specific application. Find out more on the website at https://www.zircotec.com.

Zircotec will exhibit ZircoFlex®  Gold and its other market-leading products and services at the Autosport International Show from 12-15 January in the Autosport Engineering section on stand E590.

For more information, contact us on enquiries@zircotec.com.

ZircoFlex Gold heat shield