A massive problem in most motorsport categories is under bonnet temperature, and this year’s Time Attack Championship is no different.  Zircotec have worked with numerous teams throughout this season, including the top 2 teams in Club 2WD and the number 1 ranked team in Club Pro Class.

Neil Wrenn, who is currently 2nd in Club 2WD had this to say recently:

“The freshly coated manifold and exhaust housing have helped to keep under bonnet temperatures in my Civic Turbo firmly under control.  Compared to the previous use of heatwrap the radiated heat is significantly lower, aiding the overall performance of the whole package.  First class service and a great product.  Thanks Zircotec!”

Whilst Martyn Henry said

“For the past 2 years the manifold has been heat wrapped but caused a lot of damage to the manifold by retaining all of the heat, but this year with the Zircotec coating, the heat is managed far better.  The coating doesn’t have an easy life in my car as no air gets through to the engine bay, it’s all directed out of the bonnet, so heat is a major issue, but thanks to Zircotec it is kept to a minimum.

More information about this year’s Time Attack Championships can be found at http://www.timeattack.co.uk/about-time-attack/

To find out more about how Zircotec can help you manage your teams under bonnet temperatures, please get in touch by emailing us at enquiries@zircotec.com