We have refined our plasma-sprayed coating technology to allow our ceramic coatings to be applied to carbon composite, glass-fibre and a wide range of plastic materials. We can also use our technology to apply a variety of metal finishes onto these substrate materials. We have coatings that can provide:

  • Protection against heat & fire – Our ceramic based thermal barrier coatings protect lightweight materials from heat, allowing these materials to be used in environments where they might otherwise be unsuitable.
  • Protection against wear, abrasion & physical damage – We have coatings that provide physical protection to vulnerable surfaces, helping to prevent wear and abrasion.
  • Electrical insulation – We have a range of coatings that provide high levels of electrical insulation for lightweight materials.
  • Non-metallic electrically conductive surfaces – These ceramic based coatings provide RF and EMC shielding and/or electrical discharge capability without the need for earthing straps. (We can also offer metallic based coatings that offer a similar effect).

Our technology results in coatings that are extremely well adhered and robust; are highly resistant to vibration and mechanical damage; tolerant to significant flexing of the substrate; and are resistant to chemical corrosion.

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