Zircotec’s technological process is a derivative of general plasma-spray processing techniques. Our in-house plasma-spray technology and our associated procedures were first developed within the UK nuclear industry when Zircotec formed part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. These processes and procedures have been further developed and refined by Zircotec, resulting in the proprietary highly optimised plasma-spray process that we use today.

There are a large number of parameters that influence the interaction of the plasma-spray feedstock with the plasma jet and the substrate, and these parameters can result in very wide variations in the final product. The Zircotec process ensures that these parameters are tightly controlled within pre-defined set points, thereby providing control over the quality of the final product. By controlling these parameters we are able to control material properties to suit specific applications.

This technology is used to produce a range of ultra-high quality coatings, heat shield materials and ceramics components.

We primarily apply this knowledge to the motorsport and general automotive sectors but are also active in the nuclear, aerospace and defence industries, amongst others.