Zircotec’s coatings are now afloat

Zircotec’s thermal management solutions are now providing a much needed heat reduction for one of a new breed of racing super powerboat. The huge power output of the dual engines had until, the arrival of the Zircotec ceramic coating, been producing an incredible amount of power-sapping heat. Not any more.

Most people know that Zircotec is a leader in thermal barrier technology on the road and track but did you know we can also protect on water too? Thanks to the use of a Zircotec proprietary ceramic thermal barrier coating, 2010 FIA F2 series victor, GP3 race winner and 2012 P1 SuperStock UK Powerboat Champion Dean Stoneman has solved heat-related issues on his self-built, XRS48-based superboat. The composite hull packed with powerful engines created heat management issues that Zircotec was able to solve.

With over 1000bhp from the two 6.7-litre FPT 560 turbo diesel engines heat was always an issue, exacerbated by the tight packaging necessary for the streamlined hull. What’s more, due to the sheer heat, routine maintenance out at sea, or between runs was difficult for the professional race driver.
Powerboat with Zircotec ceramic coating
Twin 6.7 litre turbo engines with Zircotec ceramic coatings

Remembering Zircotec from his race time, Dean turned to Zircotec to solve the heat issue. To reduce the surface temperature, and heat soak, Zircotec plasma sprayed the two large exhaust manifolds with its ThermoHold® based ceramic coating.

The results have been as spectacular as the boat itself. Since having the manifolds ceramic-coated the engine compartment temperature has been reduced by as much as 20 percent. There is more too; the engines are running more efficiently too and power doesn’t fall off when it gets hot. Also, because the manifolds are much cooler, the waiting time for maintenance work has been halved.

So wherever you have a heat issue – on land, sea or air, please contact Zircotec to see if we can help you.