JMW get more power for Austrian ELMS round

This weekend sees the Zircotec sponsored Ferrari 458 of JMW Motorsport compete in the third round of the Euro Le Mans Series in Austria.

The European Le Mans Series (ELMS) arrives at the Red Bull Ring this weekend for the third round of the championship. There have been minor tweaks to Balance of Performance regs since the last round that means the JMW Ferrari 458 Italia of the JMW Motorsport team will be able to fit smaller engine restrictors along with all other 458s in the series.

Zircotec equipped JMW Ferrari 458 at Le Mans The smaller restrictors should boost the cars power output making it even more competitive. Of course, increased performance also brings with it increased heat which is why JMW work with Zircotec to provide heat management solutions.

The JMW Ferrari already features the highly effective ZircoFlex® heatshield which makes a huge contribution to keeping the drivers compartment much cooler than otherwise. It has been extensively tested and provided up to 85% better performance than its competitors.

The 458 Italia also features our Performance White™ ceramic coating. The coating keeps more heat in the manifold helping to move the gas more quickly and contributing to lower temperatures in the engine bay. Lower engine bay temperatures means less conductive heat to impact driver performance during a gruelling endurance race.

We are also reliably told by another of our Technical Partner race teams using Performance White™ on their manifolds that the coated manifold provides a noticeably crisper response in ‘back to back’ tests with non coated manifolds.

The Red Bull Ring at the small town of Spielberg just outside Zeltweg in Austria has changed names several times since its formation. It has previously been called the Österreichring and the A1 Ring and it is also the home of the Austrian F1 GP and the Austrian MotoGP round.

Because of its location winding around a valley and the way it passes through sections of dense trees weather can play an important part in how any races pan-out there much as at Spa. This despite how much shorter it is than the Belgian circuit. It could prove to be an interesting race.