Zircotec’s thermal barrier coatings are often developed through technical partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers and their Supply Chains, to address bespoke thermal management challenges and create solutions to suit both aesthetics and performance requirements.

With the industry focus on improving performance and emissions, Zircotec technical partnerships and our OEM standard coatings help address the current challenges of;

  • Higher Gas Temperatures
  • Innovative Fuel Solutions,
  • Limited Packaging Space,
  • Light Weighting Vehicle Platforms,
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Thermal Barrier Coatings That Meet Industry Standards

Advanced Plasma Ceramic Coating | For Proven Performance

Ultra Lightweight
Bespoke Colours Available
Allows use of Lightweight Materials
Reduced Surface Temperatures
and more…

Zircotec products can be found both on factory release vehicles whereby we have been able to create solutions that meet OEM standards of performance and aesthetics.  Our client base includes world renowned motorcycle manufacturers such as Ducati, and premium vehicle manufacturers including Lamborghini.

Through evolved processes, we are also able to apply our unique ThermoHold® range to offer protective coatings for rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing or 3D printed parts.  These coatings protect against both heat and wear.