We offer a wide range of thermal barrier coatings and exhaust heat shield materials including protection for:

Our performance-enhancing coatings are plasma-applied using a top of the range robotic system, giving ultimate quality and thermal barrier efficiency. 


Ceramic coatings and heat management technology can provide numerous benefits to the aftermarket industry in terms of both aesthetic and thermal performance.  With temperature reductions up to 33%, Zircotec coatings are widely known for their protection of performance-enhancing components.


The Zircotec coating options can offer up to 33% temperature reductions and withstand temperatures up to 1,400℃.


Improve Performance & Reliability

Our thermal barrier ceramic coatings are excellent for heat management, by maintaining heat within the exhaust gas you can increase engine power and efficiency.

Add Style


We have a vast array of colour options, styles and finishes to choose from to enhance the aesthetics of your car or bike.  They are all equally applicable to both new and used parts!

Lower Engine Bay Temperatures

Reductions of more than 50℃ possible. Reducing air intake temperatures, increasing power and helping to eliminate fuel evaporation problems, with rapid cooling when the engine is turned off.  Reduced surface temperatures also helps to protect heat damage to crucial performance enhancing components in the engine bay!

Give Protection

Avoid heat damage and increase component life with a coating that will allow for much closer packaging inside the engine bay.

Reduce Surface Temperatures

Exhaust surface temperatures can be reduced by up to 33%, with greater reductions for components close to the exhaust.

Improve Turbo Response

Reduced heat loss from the exhaust gas allows turbochargers to spool-up more quickly and improve scavenging!

Increase Durability

Our coatings are in effect “welded” in place, forming a solid ceramic layer over the surface of the exhaust becoming a fit-and-forget solution!

Reduce Heat Soak

Drivers are potentially cooler and more comfortable with vastly reduced heat transfer from the engine compartment from a combination of ceramic coating and exhaust heat shield materials.

Each of our product lines have been developed from nuclear thermal barrier technology, and you can find further information about each of these products here: