EXHAUST SYSTEM COATINGS – A range of high performance ceramic coatings that significantly reduce the transfer of heat from a vehicle exhaust system; reducing temperatures close to the exhaust system; protecting vulnerable components; and reducing overall engine compartment temperatures. These coatings can be used on exhaust manifolds and headers; turbochargers; downpipes; silencer units; and any associated exhaust piping including tail pipes & finishers.

CARBON COMPOSITE COATINGS – The ThermoHold® Range offers high performance thermal protection for carbon composite materials; glass fibre composites; and plastics. This highly durable coating offers protection from the effects of fire and heat, allowing these lightweight materials to be used in high temperature environments.

HEATSHIELD MATERIALS – Our ZircoFlex® range of ultra-high performance heat shield materials offer superb thermal barrier protection at minimal weight and minimal thickness. Available in a number of sizes and formats, these materials have a wide spectrum of applications across numerous industries.

CERAMIC COATINGS & METAL COATINGS – A range of plasma-sprayed coatings and solutions offered by Zircotec for all industries providing thermal barrier coatings, wear resistant coatings, electrical insulation and aesthetics.

CERAMIC PRODUCTS –  Bespoke solutions for industry including specialist parts for furnace and high temperature oven applications; scientific research; nuclear industry; aerospace; marine; oil & gas. This includes the manufacture of ceramic susceptor tubes for optical fibre production together with a range of other high temperature furnace consumables. More>

GENERAL R&D – Zircotec offers a general plasma-spraying service to industry. We are always interested in identifying possible new applications for our technology. Please feel free to contact us if you think you might have a need for our expertise.