Modifying vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, resulting in a common theme of increased under-bonnet temperatures – temperatures that these unmodified vehicles were not designed to reach.  Luckily, there are many means to combat these temperatures.  Our technique just happens to also result in a fantastic looking finish like no other.

The Performance coatings are plasma-sprayed using a proprietary process originally developed for the nuclear industry. These coatings are more strongly adherent than any painted finish.  Our coating is in effect “welded” in place.  This allows us to apply a finish that not only looks good, but will also last.  We are so confident in our finishes that we offer a three year guarantee, provided the vehicle is not used on a track.  Performance will still receive a 1 year guarantee.

With current testing being conducted in our R&D department, our previous results showed  that with a Zircotec coating, an exhaust surface temperature can be reduced by ∼33%, with even greater reductions for components closer to the exhaust.   This results in engine compartment components, bodywork and modified/unmodified vehicle aesthetics being protected from stray heat.

These coatings help keep the heat in the exhaust; reducing air intake temperatures, allowing better gas flow and combustion chamber scavenging, improved turbocharger response and performance, and better control of intake air temperatures. The net result is increased power; for example, a 30℃ drop in intake air temperature can deliver a 6% increase in power.

With choice from our Performance White™ Performance Colours™ and Primary Black™ ranges, there is no shortage of finishes to match your requirements.  Our dedicated sales team are highly knowledgeable when it comes to Performance Vehicles, and can talk you through the best application for your bespoke requirement.

So whether you are looking to improve your under-bonnet looks, under-bonnet temperatures, or more likely if you are looking for both of those improvements, Zircotec have got the product for you.

If you need more clarity, have a read of this restoration ft Zircotec coated manifold for both performance and aesthetic benefits.