Zircotec is continually finding new applications for its high temperature coatings, heat barriers and thermal management services.  Please find all the latest news about new developments and events that Zircotec is attending…

Zircotec launches new online shop – now selling ZircoFlex Form

9th May 2016

Zircotec has just launched a new Online Shop allowing customers to purchase our full range of ultra high performance ZircoFlex® FORM.

The shop also makes available a full range of colour coating samples, allowing customers to make an informed choice with regard to their Zircotec exhaust coating, all in the knowledge that the cost of the purchase (up to 3 samples) will be refunded against any subsequent exhaust coating order.

As an introductory offer, free shipping will apply to any orders more than £100 in value (applies to UK Mainland Only).

Zircotec to exhibit at the Manchester Bike Show on 2nd & 3rd April 2016

28th March 2016

For the fifth successful year the number one event in the North of England catering for the motorcycle industry will be back at EventCity, Manchester on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April 2016. Over the last four years the Manchester Bike Show has simply blown the comp
etition away and with over 1,000 bikes on display is now the only indoor bike show in the North of England.

This year Zircotec will be exhibiting at the show, sharing part of the stand of Fast Fox Performance one of Zircotec’s growing number of Authorised Distributors. A number of our technical experts will be on hand at the show to answer any questions you might have.

We are especially looking forward to showing our Endurance Range of exhaust coatings developed specifically for bikes and now being supplied to some of the worlds most prestigeous bike manufacturers including the Italian manufacturer Ducati where the coating is offered as a factory standard on the Diavel and its derivatives; and is an option on a number of other models.

Working through Fast Fox Performance we are of course happy to offer the coating to smaller trade customers and individual bike owners looking to improve the appearance of their machine. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Zircotec visits Ten Tenths Motorsport to see how its products are being used

 March 2016

Nick Mason’s Ten Tenths Motorsport prepares some of the worlds finest race and competition vehicles and uses Zircotec in many applications to manage heat effectively.

Racing driver, car enthusiast, commentator and TV presenter Rebecca Jackson takes a look at this superb collection of historic cars and sees how Zircotec and its products help protect these cars from heat. See video>

Zircotec adds the option of a new more rapid turnaround service

21st March 2016

Most of our customers are happy with Zircotec’s standard service in which parts are processed through our factory, normally in less that 10 working days.

We already offer a special 24hr turnaround for major motorsport customers including all of our F1 customers. There are however a growing number of other customers requesting a more rapid service. We have therefore decided to extend our offering to include the folllowing levels of service:

Standard Service – In this case our turnaround is up to 10 working days. We work hard to achieve this turnaround time and under normal circumstance we achieve better (N.B. when we are exceptionally busy we may take a little longer);

An Express Service – Here we guarantee to turn work around within our factory in just 5 working days. In this case we charge a 25% price premium over our Standard Service.

Premium Service – Here we guarantee to turn work around within our factory in just 3 working days (so a very rapid 72 hour turnaround). In this case we charge a 50% price premium over our Standard Service.

An Exclusive Performance White Service – here we guarantee to turn work around within our factory in just 1 day (so an incredible 24 hour turnaround). In this case we charge a 100% price premium over our Standard Service;

We will of course endevour to meet specific project deadlines. Please discuss your requirements with us when you place your order.

Zircotec to exhibit at Autosport International 14th & 15th January 2016

12th January 2016

Zircotec will once again exhibit at the 2016 Autosport International Show, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK.

Featuring every level of Motor Racing – from Karting to Formula 1- together with a wide range of performance cars, the show truly brings together the world of motorsport and performance cars under one roof.

Autosport International incorporates two trade-only days (14 & 15 January) followed by two Public days (16 & 17 January) dedicated to Motorsport and car enthusiasts.

Our full range of products will be on display including our recently launched ZircoFlex FORM heat shield material; our ThermoHold coating for carbon composites and plastics; and our various thermal barrier coatings for vehicle exhaust and engine parts.

Visit the Zircotec Stand at E962 in the Autosport Trade Hall on 14 & 15 January 2016.

Zircotec launches new ZircoFlex FORM structural ceramic heat shield material

11th January 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of ZircoFlex® FORM, our new high performance ceramic based heat shield material.

Launched as part of our ZircoFlex range, FORM is a structural heat shield offering exceptional levels of protection against both radiant and conductive heat, all in a single easy to use product. Supplied as a flat sheet, the material is easily bent by hand or with tooling to produce complex structures and shapes. It’s stainless steel core provides inherent rigidity whilst its ceramic layers provide exceptional thermal barrier properties.

Buy on-line following the link from our website or contact us and order by phone

Zircotec to exhibit at Classic Car Show, Birmingham, UK from 13th to 15th Nov. 2015

11th November 2015

We will be exhibiting all of our heat management products at this years Classic Car Show (Stand 1-146) at the UK’s NEC from 13 to 15 Nov. 2015.

Call by our stand to see our range of ceramic exhaust coatings and ZircoFlex® heat shield materials. Our technical experts will be on hand to discuss any specific project and can offer a price for any specific work.

  •  Call us(0) 1235 54 60 50
  • You can also contact us on email at

Our products will also be there at the Classic Car Show on many of the cars on display.

For details of the show visit

Zircotec keeps supersonic land speed record car cool

19th August 2015

Cooling a 135,000bhp, 1000mph car poses critical challenges for safety & performance that now, just 6mths ahead of the first run, the Bloodhound SSC team is looking to Zircotec to help solve.

As the build of Bloodhound SSC gains momentum and a planned UK test in Newquay is just months away, engineers are increasingly looking at the detail design challenges to help them push the car to 1000mph and above. These include the issues of cooling the tightly-packaged Rocket engine together with ensuring the volatile HTP (High Test Peroxide) doesn’t decompose before it reaches the rocket chamber and in effect, become a bomb.

 “We’ve got  approximately 1000 litres of HTP that has the equivalent explosive force of 1 stick of dynamite per litre if it reaches 40°C, and starts to decompose” says Tony Parraman, of the sponsorship liaison team. “Packaging dictates that our supercharged Jaguar engine, that we use to pump 900 litres in just 20 seconds, is sat next to the tank so preventing heat transfer is on our essential list.” 

As a prime source of heat in proximity to the tank, the Bloodhound SSC team specified Zircotec’s ThermoHold® ceramic coating for the Jaguar exhaust.  Plasma-sprayed at twice the speed of sound itself, the coating can reduce surface temperatures by at least 30 percent, ensuring even as heat builds up during the two runs needed for the record to be validated, the tank remains stable.

Unlike previous record challenging cars, a large proportion of the Bloodhound front structure is composite. Chosen for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, the drawback of composites is its poor resistance to temperature compared to metallic options.  “We turned to Zircotec again,” adds Parraman. “We know that they have supplied heat resistant coatings to F1 teams for years, literally preventing the delamination of carbon fibre in high temperature environments, enabling the material to be used above its traditional melting point.” Zircotec proposed ThermoHold® for Composites, a zirconia-based coating that is applied at temperatures exceeding 10,000°C but in such a way that the substrate is unaffected.

“Zircotec’s patented technology for protecting composites offers a huge benefit, allowing the use of lightweight materials in places where they are exposed to significant heat. Our engineers are not experts in thermal management and having Zircotec’s technical support is helping to ensure we only use the coating where it is needed, saving weight where we can,” adds Parraman. “We have used the coating on the composite upper chassis hoop, offering lightweight resistance that lowers surface temperatures by 100°C.”

Digging yet deeper into the Zircotec parts bin has seen Bloodhound pick ZircoFlex®. The proven hybrid aluminium/ceramic heatshield, just 0.3mm thick, is being applied around any areas of the vehicle where heat is expected and needs to be resisted.

“With ZircoFlex® we can bend and mould it to shape, it’s lightweight and with self-adhesive backing, good for up to 500°C, we can use in lots of areas,” claims Parraman. “For example after a two minute run, the internal temp of the jet or rocket might be 3000°C but the externals are 200°C. We can manage that heat with ZircoFlex®, protecting wiring looms and composite panels.”

With ambient temperatures of 40°C expected in the South African desert, Zircotec is being relied upon to keep temperatures down during the critical time slot of one hour between the two runs.

“We’ve got 60 minutes to turn the car ‘around,” adds Parraman. “We want to prevent heat soak during this time. It will help us work faster without the risk of getting burnt and if we need to change the rocket, it should speed up changeover time.”

The team will trial the car in South Africa, providing a real test of the thermal protection.

“We plan to thermocouple the car and see where the heat issues are,” suggests Parraman. “It’s a one-off and we are pushing the boundaries so we don’t know all the answers. Once we do, we’ll be working with Zircotec to ensure that when we do get to Hakseen Pan in South Africa we are fully prepared to deal with the heat.”

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