Terry Graham
Terry GrahamManaging Director

The Sales & Marketing Team…

Graeme Barette
Graeme BaretteSales Director
Graeme joined Zircotec in 2014. more..
Daryl Butler
Daryl ButlerAccount Manager
Daryl joined Zircotec in 2016. more..
Chris Houldey
Chris HouldeyAccount Manager, Aftermarket Key Accounts
Chris joined in April 2019. more..
Joe Harwood
Joe HarwoodMotorsport Sales Manager
Joe joined Zircotec in 2019. more..
Lexy Walker
Lexy WalkerMarketing Executive
Lexy joined Zircotec in July 2020. more..
Sam McNeile Jones
Sam McNeile JonesSales and Marketing Apprentice
Sam joined Zircotec in January 2021. more..

The Project & Implementation Team…

Clive Carter
Clive CarterProject Manager
Clive joined Zircotec in 2019. more..
Dan Graham
Dan GrahamArea Manager, Heat Shielding
Dan joined Zircotec at the beginning of 2020. more..
Dave Phillips
Dave PhillipsProject Engineer
Dave joined the Project & Implementation in 2018 more..
Patrick Calvert
Patrick CalvertProject Engineer
Patrick joined the Zircotec project team in June 2019. more..
Andrew Wheele
Andrew WheeleGraduate Mechanical Engineer
Andrew joined the Zircotec project team in June 2020. more..
Nicola Falciani
Nicola Falciani Graduate Mechanical Engineer
Nicola joined the Zircotec project team in August 2020 more..
Tomasz Malinski
Tomasz MalinskiProject Engineer
Tomasz joined Zircotec in September 2020 as a Project Engineer. more..
David Dolansky
David DolanskyMaintenance Engineer
David joined Zircotec in September 2020. more..
Lottie Smith
Lottie SmithGraduate Mechanical Engineer
Lottie joined Zircotec in June 2021. more..

The Operations Team…

Andrew Donachie
Andrew Donachie Operations Director
Andrew joined Zircotec in March 2021. more..
Phil Broadbent
Phil BroadbentValue Stream Manager
Phil joined Zircotec as Value Stream Manager in April 2021 more..
Pete Robinson
Pete RobinsonQuality Manager
Pete joined Zircotec in July 2019. more..
Niki Dowdell
Niki DowdellDept Manager, Back End Operations
Niki joined Zircotec in June 2013. more..
Anson Stoute
Anson StoutePlasma Department Team Leader
Anson joined Zircotec in 2019. more..

The Finance & HR Team…

Sophie McQuilkin
Sophie McQuilkinFinancial Controller
Sophie joined Zircotec in 2018. more..
Corina Dulgheru
Corina DulgheruFinancial Assistant
Corina joined Zircotec in January 2019. more..
Chloe Thompson
Chloe ThompsonHR Advisor
Chloe joined Zircotec in January 2021. more..
Adrian Kowalski
Adrian KowalskiFinancial Apprentice
Adrian joined Zircotec in January 2021. more..

The Technical Team…

Dr. Andrew Turner
Dr. Andrew TurnerChief Scientist
As Principle Technologist, Andrew is a key driver in the more..