ZircoFlex® is the industry leading ceramic heat shield material that is a revolutionary flexible ceramic heatshield material, offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness. ZircoFlex is the product of choice for manufactures due to its rigidity and lightweight properties combined with superb thermal barrier technology. The material is produced as thin aluminium backed foil that is:Flexible – ZircoFlex® is easily bent and manipulated to suit different geometries

  • Lightweight – ZircoFlex® I weighs only 0.46kg/m2
  • Extremely thin – at 0.25mm overall
  • Metal backed – The material is robust and easy to handle.
  • Easily installed – can be cut and installed by hand or machine.
  • Easily fixed in place – Using mechanical fasteners or high temperature adhesives

ZircoFlex® is available in a number of formats:

ZircoFlex® I is a single thickness flexible ceramic heatshield. The material offers superb thermal barrier performance it weighs 0.46kg/mand is 0.25mm thick, only needing minimal installation space. The heatshield has an aluminium backing making git robust but malleable. ZircoFlex I has a multitude of applications and is supplied to various motorsports including F1.

ZircoFlex I comes is available in four sizes; mini roll, A4 (297 X 210mm), Half Sheet (450 X 550mm) and Full Sheet (900 X 550mm).

ZircoFlex® II is an engineered double thickness ZircoFlex® format that offers additional thermal barrier performance and more rigidity compared to ZircoFlex® I material but can is still capable of the same levels of flexibility. ZircoFlex II weighs 1kg/m2 and is 0.5mm thick.

ZircoFlex® III – a flexible triple thickness ceramic heatshield that offers yet more thermal performance coupled with significant rigidity when compared to the original ZircoFlex I® material. It is still flexible and can be manipulated to suit different geometries.  It weighs 1.5kg/m2 and is 0.85mm thick.

ZircoFlex II and ZircoFlex III are available in three different sizes; A4 (297 X 210mm), Half Sheet (450 X 550mm) and Full Sheet (900 X 550mm).

All ZircoFlex® products can be purchased on our online shop or contact us directly. ZircoFlex® heatshield is unique and is only available from Zircotec and its authorised partners.

ZircoFlex® – some technical details

ZircoFlex® flexible ceramic heat shield material is the culmination of more than five years intensive research and materials science, using a new technology in which the ceramic material is sprayed in the form of thousands of individual ‘platelets’ onto the surface of the backing foil. While these platelets are close-packed to provide comprehensive heat protection, their structure coupled with the forming processes allows the foil to be flexible and easily manipulated and bent to shape.

ZircoFlex® Data Sheet

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