We have developed a range of ultra-high performance ceramic coatings that are specifically designed to prevent unwanted heat loss from engine exhaust system components.

Ceramic coating applications

Our proprietary ceramic based coatings can be applied to an exhaust manifold, exhaust header, turbo charger casing, exhaust system down pipes, hot engine components, tailpipes, finishers or tail-trims and any areas where heat is a problem. Coating options are:

Road Use Motorsport OEM
Vehicle exhaust coatings* View View View
Motorcycle exhaust coatings View View View
Turbo charger coatings View View View
Inlet manifold coatings View View View
Tailpipe coatings View –  View

* inc. headers; manifolds; down-pipes; cat boxes; turbo chargers; silencers & general exhaust system pipework

We have developed a range of different ceramic coating options. These can be applied equally well to new & used exhaust system components. Learn More>

We are able to coat most metals & metal alloys, including: all types of steel (including both mild steel & stainless steel); cast iron; titanium; nickel; chrome; Inconel (and other high-temperature nickel alloys); aluminium, copper & brass.