Zircotec are known for the advanced ceramic thermal barrier coatings and heat shielding solutions most commonly seen in top levels of Motorsport.  The group now has a project & implementation team in place working towards developing what we believe will be a market leading heat shielding solution.

The Groups most sought after heat shield, ZircoFlex, is the UK’s best performing by weight and thickness, which is joined in the range by ZircoFlex FORM, which allows for bespoke, rigid applications.  The project & implementation team are in the final stages of testing the newest line to our heat shield range that is set to outperform many popular solutions.

The performance by weight and thickness of ZircoFlex makes it an ideal solution for all levels of motorsport and is commonly seen in the likes of Formula 1, BTCC and NASCAR.  The product in its most simple form, ZircoFlex I is just 0.25mm thick and weighs 0.46kg/m2 and utilises the Zircotec proprietary ceramic coating to create a thermal barrier.

Due to the flexibility of ZircoFlex, it can be easily manipulated into areas of vehicles that need immediate protection from heat.  ZircoFlex I, II and III are commonly used to reduce or manage heat in footwells, bulkheads, wheel arches, engine bays and any other areas affected by heat.

The ZircoFlex self-adhesive sheets are easy to apply, but also extremely effective in looking after key areas of the car, and keeping vital components protected.

Carl Mitchell, West Surrey Racing

We needed a product to protect the bodywork from exhaust heat on a mid-engine project car.  We chose ZircoFlex III which performed perfectly with the added benefit of the 3M backing making installation of the product much easier.

Steve Austin, Auto Bionics

The latest development project for our heat shield range, which was on show at the 2018 Automechanika show in Birmingham, is so far testing to rival the overall best-performing heat shield on the market.  Again, by utilising our proprietary thermal barrier properties alongside our team of Technical and Project Engineers expertise in Thermodynamics, we have been able to develop a heat shield that will allow off the shelf thermal barrier solutions that manage heat and ultimately increase performance.

If you are interested in hearing more about any of our ZircoFlex products or have a particular project in mind that may benefit from the Zircotec Thermal Barrier Technology, please contact us on

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