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We have been sponsoring Formula Student Teams since 2008.

Nowadays, we work with more than 30 teams of future engineers to help them following their dreams.
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FSAE Formula Student

Zircotec is supporting an unprecedented number of Formula Student teams from the UK, Europe and around the World with more than 25 teams so far. This involvement forms a key strand of Zircotec’s program of educational support for the next generations of automotive engineers.

Zircotec offers a programme of technical support for teams competing in the series. This provides the teams with access to our ranges of cutting edge thermal management solutions based on our ThermoHold® ceramic coatings and our ZircoFlex® ultra thin, ultra flexible thermal barrier sheeting.

In this way the Formula Student teams can have access to exactly the same thermal management solutions as our customers in F1, MotoGP, Le Mans racing etc. As part of this technical partnership the Formula Students teams will provide Zircotec with technical data on the design, build and performance of the cars enabling Zircotec to continually improve our ranges of products.

The format of the event is such that it provides an ideal opportunity for the students to test, demonstrate and improve their capabilities to deliver a complex and integrated product in the demanding environment of a motorsport competition.

The project usually forms part of a degree-level project and is viewed by the motorsport industry as the standard for engineering graduates to meet, transitioning them from university to the workplace. It is a kite-mark for real-world engineering experience.

Formula Student performance exhaust
Formula Student performance exhaust
Formula Student performance exhaust
Formula Student performance exhaust

Phoenix Racing

Massive thanks to Zircotec for their help and expertise with the ceramic coating of our exhaust system. The expected product return time is increadibly quick, and the heat shield supplied is just what we needed!
Phoenix Racing

UH Racing

Temperatures were monitored during testing. There was an average temperature of 37.5°C behind the firewall, 24°C within the driver’s cockpit, and 22.5°C right up under the drivers seat. This was a massive improvement compared to previous cars (where exhaust wrap had been used) and was instantly noticed by our drivers.
Jamie Muir, UH Racing

Powercat Motorsports

Big shout out and thanks to our sponsor Zircotec. Thanks for keeping our drivers back nice and cool with your ceramic coating on our (exhaust) headers. 10 out 10 would recommend!


I would like to thank you o behalf of the entire team for your help last year in the development of what proved to be the most sucessful year of Formula Student both on a national level and an International level.
Emanuel Mocuta, SUFST

Team Bath Racing

The contribution Zircotec have provided to Team Bath has enbaled us to contribute operating as the top UK team, become first to ever win an European Competition and the only UK team ranked in the top ten in the world! The heat shielding products that Zircotec provide have been invaluable to us over the past year.
Pranav Vaswani, Team Bath Racing

Brunel Racing

Your support is greatly appreciated, and your products are vital for us in keeping the exhaust surface temperatures down; avoiding damage to other nearby components.
Jack Chamberlain, Brunel Racing

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