Leading automotive thermal management specialists Zircotec have developed new solutions to offer the F1 grid the ability to use ceramic on the carbon composite parts.
This aids the teams in weight reductions as well as the ability to use carbon composite materials in high temperature environments.

Ceramic coatings have been favoured by members of the grid for the past 10 years. Primarily for use on high temperature exhaust parts to contain the heat within the exhaust system and improve the flow rate of the exhaust gasses. Now, with the evolution of materials and requirements of the worlds most highly regarded motor sport teams, the focus has leaned towards innovations within material usage, weight and aerodynamics.

Many who know the process of applying the ceramic will consider the composite too fragile to withstand the 10,000°c plasma torch, however, Zircotec have proven the application with solutions having been adopted for areas such as Brake Ducts and Shrouds, Fuel Rails and Reflector Panels,

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