Implementation of Expert Operational Team to Drive Continuous Improvement!

Andy Coyle has joined the Zircotec Group as Operations Manager to oversee large changes happening within the business and to drive continuous improvement strategies alongside the growth of the business.

Andy Coyle joined the group in September with a wealth of experience in Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and Medical manufacturing, where he has been the driving force behind operational efficiency.  He has gained certification to the level of black belt in six-sigma and advanced problem solving and has implemented these methodologies very successfully in previous operational positions.  Since joining the business, Andy has project managed the installation of a new mezzanine level that has increased production floor space by 75% and capacity to 150,000 parts per year / per project.  This internal development has already allowed himself and Jamie to re-shape the process flow within production to streamline efficiency and outline standards to grow.

This growing operations management team is tasked with improving processes and ultimately delivering the high standards and operational performance required by our customer base of OEMs and Motorsport teams.  With senior members of the team coming from highly regulated and standardised environments, Zircotec is driven to adopt similar working procedures at our HQ in Abingdon. With the experience of this team, the group have adopted the resources to streamline processes with agile and lean methodologies to deliver maximum capabilities across all of our business lines.

Motorsport Heat Shields

The next phase of development for the business is within our heat shielding department and will see Jamie and Andy delivering new manufacturing processes for a number of products to be launched in the new year.  These processes will have stringent quality control procedures and be developed using methodologies outlined earlier to maximise delivery for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for a number of projects we are set to be working on.

By evolving our manufacturing processes, we are now in a position where we are in the early stages of developing a new, advanced solution for international production.  Both Jamie and Andy are integral to the development of this system and will see Zircotec branching out from our HQ in Abingdon into production facilities all around the world where OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers need support.  This is a long-term project that will change the way we do business internationally and provide a new opportunity to customers requiring fast and on-site thermal management support.

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