Zircotec Dielectric Battery Coatings

In support of the growing automotive and aerospace battery market, Zircotec has further developed coating application techniques to provide fast turnaround services for dielectric / insulative coatings on low or high-volume projects.

As part of a range of dielectric coatings, our latest solutions have improved thermal characteristics to promote heat transfer whilst negating unwanted electrical discharge ideal for use on applications such as battery cooling plates. Specialist dielectric coatings have been developed for use on the inner components of battery assemblies.

Our specialised coating application methods utilise a single stage process to provide a consistent coverage of up to 150um dry film thickness with excellent adhesion qualities. Our coatings can be cured at ambient temperatures to help meet customer cost points and lessen their carbon footprint whilst providing impact dry surfaces ready for transport within short time frames. They also protect components from wear and friction.

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