Conductive Ceramic Battery Coatings

Providing RFI shielding with a weight saving of up to 4kgs per m² compared to aluminium

Zircotec Group has developed a conductive ceramic coating that enables vehicle manufacturers to use carbon or plastic composite battery casings for hybrid and electric vehicles.

The coating solution can be applied to the inner or outer surfaces, offering properties in line with existing technologies like aluminium, but with a significant weight saving. This is to complement the range of Zircotec’s non-conductive ceramic coatings.

Zircotec is also working with partners adding specialist gaskets to achieve the required IP67 testing standards to their battery box assemblies. Our coatings assist them in ensuring the battery meets safety standards to allow the use of the battery outdoors or in environments with water splashes.

How does it work?

The coating overcomes composites’ inability to isolate the battery from electromagnetic fields and radio frequency interference (RFI), which has traditionally prevented the adoption of the material in this application.

It removes the need for traditional heavy metal battery casings that act as a Faraday cage to absorb interference from the battery, the corruption or degradation of the performance of power management systems and sophisticated electronics in electric or hybrid vehicles, enabling a significant reduction in vehicle weight.

The Zircotec solution is:

  • lighter and more robust – guaranteeing continuous conductivity across the entire casing where the coating is applied
  • significantly more durable – proven to protect composites and plastics from nearby heat sources
  • used in industry – automotive manufacture, motorsport, rail, power and industries where electrical equipment creates particularly challenging RFI situations are innovating in new areas

As the battery system is one of the heaviest components of an electric vehicle, reducing its weight is a key focus for vehicle manufacturers. Using a composite battery casing with Zircotec’s coating could save up to 4kg per square metre, compared to aluminium.

Contact us to find out how we can help you innovate by using conductive (or non-conductive) coatings for lightweight materials in new areas and applications.