Nuclear Industry

  • Zircotecs high temperature coating and heat barrier processes and technology were originally developed for the Nuclear Industry.

  • Zircotec was formally part of the Atomic Energy Authority.


  • Zircotec were first involved in Motorsport in 1994.

  • We applied thermal barrier coating to the exhausts and manifolds of Subaru Rally Cars to lower in-cabin temperatures.

  • Since then our high temperature coating has been applied to vehicles from Formula 1 cars through to trucks.

Performance Colours

  • The performance colours range was launched in 2005.

  • The range was designed as our proprietary range of high temeperature quality finishes for our ThermoHold® based ceramic coating.

  • It has similar levels of performance to the Performance White™ exhaust coating, but with a surface finish that is robust and easily maintained.

Zircotec Ltd.

  • In 2006 Zircotec officially became a limited company.


  • In 2008, four members of Ziroctecs management team completed the buyout of Zircotec Ltd.

  • The buyout enabled the now directors to continue the growth of the company


  • In 2008 Zircotec received its first OEM contract with the supercar manufactueres, Lamborghini.


  • In 2009 Zircoflex® was created.

  • Zircoflex® is a heatshield material that is versatile and acts as a superb thermal barrier at minimal weight and thickness.

Endurance Range

  • In 2009 Zircotec launched its Endurance Range for Motorcycles.

  • It offers a robust and aesthetically pleasing coating for exposed areas of a vehicle.


  • Zircotec moved into a new premise in 2010 to accommodate for it’s rapid growth.

Zircoflex FORM®

  • In 2013 ZircoFlex FORM® was created as a high performance ceramic based structural heat shielf material.

  • It offers exceptional levels of protection against both radiant and conductive heat in a single, easy to use product.