Zircotec is pleased to provide the following independent feedback from previous customers:

Zircotec Coating Use on Classic Aston Martins

Desmond J. Smail is one of Europe’s leading specialists in the service, restoration and sales of classic Aston Martins (see www.djsmail.co.uk).

Desmond uses the Zircotec coating on his cars to reduce underbonnet temperatures, help prevent temperature-related degradation of sensitive components and reduce heat soak.


 Desmond Smail comments…..

“Most classic cars have very poor thermal management from new. Our customers today don’t want to be cooked………or have the finish of their rebuilt engine ruined by heat within a few thousand miles. They also expect reliability equivalent to modern vehicles, so components and fuel systems have to be protected from the heat of the engine. The Zircotec coating has proved extremely effective at addressing all of these issues.”

“In its natural state it looks like the period asbestos paint, but of course it lasts many times longer making it ideal for competition cars. For road cars, we usually specify a silver finish that matches the engineering quality of the DB Series.”

“We have found Zircotec to be a very professional business, managed by people who genuinely care about quality of service. They are a great supplier for a specialist in high quality, high performance restorations.”

Turbo Dynamics offers Zircotec Coatings on turbochargers

Zircotec’s Performance White and Performance Colours coatings are used by Turbo Dynamics on various turbocharger casings.


Peter Marsh, Turbo Dynamics Managing Director, comments…


“The coating provides a real benefit wherever under bonnet temperatures are an issue. The coating protects under bonnet components that might otherwise be damaged through heat radiation, whilst general under bonnet temperatures are also greatly reduced.”


“In terms of turbocharger performance, the thermal dynamics are such that keeping the heat within the exhaust gases provides an increased response with reduced spool-up times…..”

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