We are specialists in heat management. We are also experts in plasma-spray processing and the production of high performance surface coatings and finishes. Our technical specialists are able to provide advice on most thermal barrier, heat management, material science and surface engineering issues.

Many of our team of specialist scientists and engineers have followed Zircotec from its nuclear origins. They have continued to develop and refine Zircotec’s high temperature coatings resulting in the high technology products that we supply today.

Our specialist products include plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings; exhaust system coatings; inlet manifold coatings; & heat shield materials.  In addition we offer wear resistant, anti-corrosion and aesthetic coatings; ceramic coatings and metal coatings for carbon composites and high-temperature plastics and, specialist plasma-sprayed ceramic products.

Contact us via e-mail to: enquiries@zircotec.com, or by phone via +44 (0) 1235 546 050.

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