Zircotec join APC Funded Government Initiative

Zircotec confirms that we are providing expertise to a pioneering government funded initiative to develop viable and cost-effective low carbon off-highway vehicle technologies. Zircotec is part of a consortium of major UK Automotive suppliers to be awarded funding through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) to develop viable and cost-effective gas-fuelled off-highway [...]

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Heat Shielding at Top Levels of Motorsport

Zircotec are known for the advanced ceramic thermal barrier coatings and heat shielding solutions most commonly seen in top levels of Motorsport.  The group now has a project & implementation team in place working towards developing what we believe will be a market leading heat shielding solution. The Groups most sought after [...]

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Zircotec Consultancy – Bespoke Colour Development

Zircotec Group are consulting a well-known supercar manufacturer in the development of a new thermal barrier coating to meet temperature and aesthetic requirements. Having developed longstanding relationships with multiple manufacturers we have been actively working to overcome current challenges within the Automotive sector, including light-weighting, high temperatures and aesthetics.  The Zircotec project [...]

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Composite Battery Coatings for Electric Vehicles

The New Zircotec Coating Enables Adoption of Composite Battery Cases for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. Zircotec Group has developed a new conductive ceramic coating that enables vehicle manufacturers to use carbon or plastic composite battery casings for hybrid and electric vehicles. The coating overcomes composite’s inability to isolate the battery from electromagnetic [...]

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‘A’ Class Finishes For Carbon Composites

Zircotec Group has developed the first plasma applied thermal barrier coating that can be utilised with composites that require a Class A display surface.   The new technology allows vehicle manufacturers to use the lightweight material in places that have previously not been possible, such as aerodynamic aids near exhaust pipes or the exhaust shrouds [...]

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Technical Partnership with Power Maxed Racing

Zircotec and BTCC Team, Power Maxed Racing, Have Entered into a Technical Partnership for the 2018 Season. Zircotec Group has entered into a technical partnership with British Touring Car Championship Team, Power Maxed Racing.  The partnership aims to further develop high-performing, lightweight thermal barrier products to assist PMR in establishing a competitive advantage [...]

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R&D Facility Investments

Zircotec Have Invested in a New R&D Facility Following Industry Demand for Data-Driven Developments. Zircotec has created an R&D facility to accelerate the development of new thermal coatings, heat shields, and manufacturing processes.  Under the leadership of Dr. Paul Prince, a chemist with a background in nanotechnology, the facility will provide a wealth of [...]

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Zircotec Acquires Renowned Technical Director

New Technical Director joins Zircotec Group from leading international surface solutions provider. Zircotec Group are increasing their technical capability by appointing Simon Hiiemae as Technical Director. The move aims to broaden the company’s portfolio of thermal barrier solutions for the automotive industry following an increased demand for wear resistant and anti-corrosion coatings. Hiiemae joins [...]

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Zircotec Developed Solutions for Formula 1 Brake Ducts

Zircotec’s pioneering thermal barrier technology is the choice of solution for many teams across the F1 grid for the protection of composite brake ducts. With the 2018 season of Formula 1 rapidly closing in on us, Zircotec are taking a look at their involvement in the historical sport, which has seen some of the [...]

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Zircotec Provides Thermal Barrier Solutions for Wheels

The world's first, totally electronic street race category, Formula E, is breaking boundaries in the Motorsport world with it’s raw electric power and advanced technical capabilities.   With genuine competition between drivers, the 2017/2018 championship is set to be an exciting competition for the Motorsport industry and fans alike. The vehicle specifications are limited to [...]

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Zircotec Group Acquires Performance 1 Coatings

Acquisition of Performance 1 Coatings provides a one-stop-shop for ceramic coatings, from aesthetic-protection to premium thermal barrier coatings Performance 1 Coatings (P1C), the exhaust coating and thermal management specialist popular with tuners and the performance aftermarket, has been acquired by Zircotec Group. The takeover, which includes 100% of the P1C business, widens the breadth [...]

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Carbon Composite Coatings within Motorsport

Composite Coatings Zircotec, over the years, have developed their coating processes to allow for composite materials to receive the same performance enhancing benefits as other materials have.  Therefore allowing the most prestigious categories of Motorsport to continue their efforts to reduce weight, whilst increasing the durability of parts in high temperature environments; something that [...]

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Performance Coatings for Performance Cars

Modifying vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, resulting in a common theme of increased under-bonnet temperatures - temperatures that these unmodified vehicles were not designed to reach.  Luckily, there are many means to combat these temperatures.  Our technique just happens to also result in a fantastic looking finish like no other. The Performance coatings are [...]

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What is Plasma Spraying?

If you are a regular visitor to the website, or have even just visited our “processes” page one time, you may be aware that we apply our thermal barrier application via a plasma-spray process. Which sounds pretty cool, but I was made aware yesterday that not everyone knows what that actually means and why [...]

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Time Attack Championship 2017

A massive problem in most motorsport categories is under bonnet temperature, and this year's Time Attack Championship is no different.  Zircotec have worked with numerous teams throughout this season, including the top 2 teams in Club 2WD and the number 1 ranked team in Club Pro Class. Neil Wrenn, who is currently 2nd in [...]

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Sponsoring Formula Student Teams since 2008

Zircotec is supporting an unprecedented number of Formula Student teams from the UK, Europe and around the World with more than 25 teams so far. This involvement forms a key strand of Zircotec’s program of educational support for the next generations of automotive engineers. Zircotec offers a programme of technical support for teams competing in [...]

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Zircotec exhibiting at Automechanika

Zircotec will once again be exhibiting at this year’s Automechanika Show, held at the NEC, Birmingham, UK from 6 to 8 June 2017. You will find us on Stand 6f40. Zircotec are specialists in heat management, and in particular, in plasma-spray processing and the production of high performance surface coatings and finishes. Zircotec’s technical [...]

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3D printed components with thermal barrier coating

What use is a 3D printed part if all you can do is look at it? That was my reaction when I first saw a modern rapid prototyping machine in action. Yes, it’s great for visualisation to have an actual part in your hand, but the type of materials used in 3D printing invariably [...]

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Zircotec’s performance coatings biggest contract ever

Secures biggest ever single contract Prestige automotive manufacturer commits to £1m deal for exhaust tail pipe coating from Zircotec. Heat management specialist Zircotec has secured its biggest ever single contract, to supply an ultra-durable ceramic performance coatings for the exhaust tail pipes of a premium European supercar. The £1m contract is for Zircotec’s Ultimate [...]

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F1 testing has begun – How the Zircotec Carbon Composite Coatings help the grid reduce weight and improve performance

Leading automotive thermal management specialists Zircotec have developed new solutions to offer the F1 grid the ability to use ceramic on the carbon composite parts. This aids the teams in weight reductions as well as the ability to use carbon composite materials in high temperature environments. Ceramic coatings have been favoured by members of the [...]

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Zircotec exhaust ceramic on the Ducati Diavel Diesel

Zircotec motorcycle exhaust ceramic coating selected by Ducati & fashion company Diesel for the next limited edition Diavel bike Ducati has teamed up with fashion company Diesel to create a truly original limited edition bike - to be called the Diavel Diesel. Designed by the Ducati Design Center and Creative Director of Diesel, Andrea Rosso, [...]

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Zircotec Group exhibiting at Autosport International 2017

Zircotec will once again be exhibiting at this year's Autosport International Show, held at the NEC, Birmingham, UK from 12 to 13 January 2017. You will find us on Stand E590 in the Autosport Engineering (Trade) Area. We have been exhibiting at the Autosport International Show every year for more than 10 years now. [...]

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High performance coatings over Christmas period

Zircotec's high performance coatings will still be applied over Christmas period Our customers are on the base of everything we do. And, if they request their automotive parts to be coated as fast as we can, we'll surely try! We will be open between Christmas and New Year as always, applying our high performance coatings. [...]

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ZircoFlex® Gold heat shields launched at the AutoSport International Show

Zircotec launches best-in-class heat shield ZircoFlex® Gold Heat management specialist Zircotec claims the best heat shield product on the market just got better. At the Autosport Show in January, the company will launch ZircoFlex®  Gold which offers increased reflectivity over existing ZircoFlex®  materials, providing even greater levels of thermal protection. ZircoFlex®  Gold is the latest development [...]

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Zircotec High performance Coatings Sponsorships for 2017

Zircotec’s high performance coatings are becoming more widely used. Car manufacturers, Motorsports teams  and car enthusiasts require the benefits of thermal barrier coatings to reduce the temperatures on the engine bay. Our process has been referenced all across the globe as the best thermal barrier application for the Motorsport industry, and the benefits are [...]

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