Zircotec Approved for NMCL Automotive Funding

After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that Zircotec has been approved for NMCL Automotive Funding - available to only 100 manufactures from the UK Automotive Supply Chain. Sales Director, Graeme Barette, started the process back in January 2019. Since then many hours and efforts have been put into building the [...]

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Zircotec welcomes new recruits

Zircotec welcomes new recruits! The Zircotec Group is increasingly growing year on year, and our team is expanding rapidly. Since June alone we have welcomed three new recruits in varying areas of the business. Our engineering team in particular is expanding to aid us with more test data for the Zircotec products, ensuring the [...]

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Zircotec has Aston Martin’s back

Zircotec has been revealed as providing cutting-edge heat management expertise to protect Aston Martin’s Valkyrie from tailpipe gas temperatures upwards of 600°C. ‘Everything around the rear end of the car is ceramic Zircotec-coated because of the temperatures we see here – about 600 degrees C,’ said Libby Meigh, Colour and Material Manager for Aston [...]

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Technical Partnership between PMR and Zircotec Group goes to the next level for 2020

F1 technology developed within BTCC Power Maxed Racing today announce that their technical partnership with Zircotec Group, thermal management experts, will continue with the added benefit of Zircotec’s enhanced performance heat shielding expertise to take the partnership to the next level. The partnership for the 2020 season will provide a platform for Zircotec to [...]

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Zircotec Group expands its performance heat shielding department with the addition of specialist design engineer to the team

Daniel Graham’s extensive knowledge within F1, motorsports and OEM heat shielding design will be an asset to Zircotec’s continuing growth Zircotec Group has expanded its projects team to include Dan Graham, Principal Design Engineer (Specialist Systems), with the task of growing and developing their performance heat shielding facility. He will also be supporting the [...]

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Zircotec a leading nominee for Motorsport Industry Business of the Year Award

We are delighted to announce we are a leading nominee for the Business of the Year Award with annual sales under £5m, with the winner to be announced in January at the Motorsport Industry Association’s Business Excellence Awards. Zircotec® is a registered Trade Mark of Zircotec Group. For further information, please contact: Lisa Holloway, [...]

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Zircotec is operating over the Festive Season

At Zircotec, work on our new factory is nearing completion, with the addition of more capital equipment. We have a new Grit Blast room, and more robots for our Plasma booths. We are also sprucing up our reception area, as you can see from the image above. We will be operating normal hours, applying [...]

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Zircotec Group wins SME of the Year 2019

We're delighted to win Thames Valley Business Magazine 'SME of the Year' Award 2019, sponsored by James Cowper Kreston. Judges considered the following when deciding on the winners of the award: Current business performance Growth over the past two years Potential for future growth in years ahead Examples of innovation in products, services, and/or [...]

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Zircotec’s Plasma-Spray Technology goes into new £2m Premises

Our new premises, with over £2m investment, continues to take shape. We have positioned the grit blasters and installed the technology within the first plasma booth. This is the technology we use to produce our range of ultra-high-quality coatings, heat shield materials and ceramics components. We are starting working 24-hour shifts to catch up [...]

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Zircotec’s paint booth extraction duct work installed

It’s onwards and definitely upwards at Zircotec this week. We had duct work going in at height for the curing oven and 2 of the paint booth extraction systems. Just 4 booths to go! You can view our latest time lapse footage on YouTube: Zircotec® is a registered Trade Mark of Zircotec Group. [...]

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Zircotec’s paint booths installed

So, it’s Friday already! What have we achieved at Zircotec this week? Our paint booths are built, the gas lines are in and the grit blasters are in place. If you’d like to see how we’re getting on, you can view the time lapse footage on YouTube: Zircotec® is a registered Trade Mark [...]

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Zircotec Group announced as SME of the Year finalist 2019

At Zircotec Group, we are delighted we’ve been named as SME of the Year finalist in the Thames Valley Business Magazine Awards 2019, sponsored by James Cowper Kreston. Judges will consider the following when deciding on the winners of the award: Current business performance Growth over the past two years Potential for future growth [...]

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Construction continues at Zircotec’s new premises

Our plasma booths are almost complete at Zircotec Group. Next, we are building the paint booths, installing the gases, grit blast and compressed air so it’s a big week for the company. If you’d like to see how things are progressing, we have the second part of our time lapse footage here that will [...]

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Construction is well under way at Zircotec’s new premises

At Zircotec Group, we wanted to capture the development within our new facility as the building work takes place. During days 1-3 last week, our plasma booths were built within our production area. If you’d like to see how that went, we have time lapse footage here that will take 1:17 mins of your [...]

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Zircotec Group Shortlisted for British Engineering Excellence Award 2019

ZircoFlex® Heat Shield is nominated in Materials Application of the Year category Zircotec Group’s ZircoFlex® Heat Shield has been shortlisted in the Materials Application of the Year category in the 10th Anniversary British Engineering Excellence Awards. “We are delighted to have our ZircoFlex® Heat Shield shortlisted in the Materials Application of the Year category [...]

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Team Expanded to Deliver Customer Excellence Strategy

2019 sees us expanding our operations and commercial teams in line with the exciting changes and the continued growth of the Zircotec Group. Zircotec's expanded team are working together to deliver our customer excellence strategy. The new employees are experienced in improving processes and delivering the customer excellence strategy devised around the high standards and [...]

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Zircotec Staff Awarded Lean Management Qualification

Zircotec is proud to announce that 5 employees have successfully completed the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Lean Organisation Management Techniques. Brian Holmes, Louise Cox, Phil Westland, Joshua Herbert and Robert Pask, pictured, were all awarded the qualification that aims to improve business performance by giving them an understanding of lean organisation techniques, introducing [...]

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Driving Continuous Improvement

Implementation of Expert Operational Team to Drive Continuous Improvement! Andy Coyle has joined the Zircotec Group as Operations Manager to oversee large changes happening within the business and to drive continuous improvement strategies alongside the growth of the business. Andy Coyle joined the group in September with a wealth of experience [...]

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Support for the Automotive Industry

How the APC Funded Low Carbon Tractor Project is Helping Zircotec Support Supercar Manufacturers. Over the past 12 months, Zircotec Group has developed significantly thanks to the support from APC and CNH in the endeavour to generate a carbon neutral agricultural tractor.  At a surface level, you may not think the technology we [...]

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A Look Back at the Aston Martin One-77

The One-77 was one of the first British Hyper Road Vehicles to bring the concept of using carbon composite for bodywork to life, and partly made a reality by the thermal barrier expertise of Zircotec. Carbon Fibre itself is a strong, lightweight, man-made material that first made its debut on the road [...]

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Zircotec join APC Funded Government Initiative

Zircotec confirms that we are providing expertise to a pioneering government funded initiative to develop viable and cost-effective low carbon off-highway vehicle technologies. Zircotec is part of a consortium of major UK Automotive suppliers to be awarded funding through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) to develop viable and cost-effective gas-fuelled off-highway [...]

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Heat Shielding at Top Levels of Motorsport

Zircotec are known for the advanced ceramic thermal barrier coatings and heat shielding solutions most commonly seen in top levels of Motorsport.  The group now has a project & implementation team in place working towards developing what we believe will be a market leading heat shielding solution. The Groups most sought after [...]

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Zircotec Consultancy – Bespoke Colour Development

Zircotec Group are consulting a well-known supercar manufacturer in the development of a new thermal barrier coating to meet temperature and aesthetic requirements. Having developed longstanding relationships with multiple manufacturers we have been actively working to overcome current challenges within the Automotive sector, including light-weighting, high temperatures and aesthetics.  The Zircotec project [...]

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Composite Battery Coatings for Electric Vehicles

The New Zircotec Coating Enables Adoption of Composite Battery Cases for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. Zircotec Group has developed a new conductive ceramic coating that enables vehicle manufacturers to use carbon or plastic composite battery casings for hybrid and electric vehicles. The coating overcomes composite’s inability to isolate the battery from electromagnetic [...]

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