Carbon Composite Coatings within Motorsport

Composite Coatings Zircotec, over the years, have developed their coating processes to allow for composite materials to receive the same performance enhancing benefits as other materials have.  Therefore allowing the most prestigious categories of Motorsport to continue their efforts to reduce weight, whilst increasing the durability of parts in high temperature environments; something that [...]

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Performance Coatings for Performance Cars

Modifying vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, resulting in a common theme of increased under-bonnet temperatures - temperatures that these unmodified vehicles were not designed to reach.  Luckily, there are many means to combat these temperatures.  Our technique just happens to also result in a fantastic looking finish like no other. The Performance coatings are [...]

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What is Plasma Spraying?

If you are a regular visitor to the website, or have even just visited our “processes” page one time, you may be aware that we apply our thermal barrier application via a plasma-spray process. Which sounds pretty cool, but I was made aware yesterday that not everyone knows what that actually means and why [...]

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Time Attack Championship 2017

A massive problem in most motorsport categories is under bonnet temperature, and this year's Time Attack Championship is no different.  Zircotec have worked with numerous teams throughout this season, including the top 2 teams in Club 2WD and the number 1 ranked team in Club Pro Class. Neil Wrenn, who is currently 2nd in [...]

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Sponsoring Formula Student Teams since 2008

Zircotec is supporting an unprecedented number of Formula Student teams from the UK, Europe and around the World with more than 25 teams so far. This involvement forms a key strand of Zircotec’s program of educational support for the next generations of automotive engineers. Zircotec offers a programme of technical support for teams competing in [...]

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F1 testing has begun – How the Zircotec Carbon Composite Coatings help the grid reduce weight and improve performance

Leading automotive thermal management specialists Zircotec have developed new solutions to offer the F1 grid the ability to use ceramic on the carbon composite parts. This aids the teams in weight reductions as well as the ability to use carbon composite materials in high temperature environments. Ceramic coatings have been favoured by members of the [...]

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ZircoFlex® Gold heat shields launched at the AutoSport International Show

Zircotec launches best-in-class heat shield ZircoFlex® Gold Heat management specialist Zircotec claims the best heat shield product on the market just got better. At the Autosport Show in January, the company will launch ZircoFlex®  Gold which offers increased reflectivity over existing ZircoFlex®  materials, providing even greater levels of thermal protection. ZircoFlex®  Gold is the latest development [...]

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JMW get more power for Austrian ELMS round

This weekend sees the Zircotec sponsored Ferrari 458 of JMW Motorsport compete in the third round of the Euro Le Mans Series in Austria. The European Le Mans Series (ELMS) arrives at the Red Bull Ring this weekend for the third round of the championship. There have been minor tweaks to Balance of Performance regs [...]

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Moto2 testing of Zircotec coated exhaust records 55% temp reduction

Zircotec partners and World Championship leading Moto2 GP team Marc VDS Racing undertook extensive testing following winning the Spanish GP at Jerez. The two day test sessions at the Almeria circuit confirmed the significant cooling effects of Zircotec's plasma sprayed ceramic exhaust coatings under full race conditions. The team revealed they measured exhaust surface temperature [...]

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Zircotec equipped cars in multiple classes for 2014 Le Mans 24hr

This weekend sees 55 race cars and 165 drivers take part in the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours Race. A true test of endurance for both man and machine, it is exactly the environment where Zircotec's technologies can make the difference With long stints of nearly four hours for the driver, often in a myriad [...]

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Marc VDS win 5 out of 6 GPs this season

Zircotec's technical partners in Grand Prix motorcycle racing are the Belgium based Marc VDS Racing team. With the season about one third completed the team have won five out of the first six rounds of the Moto2 series and are having their most successful season ever. The team runs two riders in the ultra competitive [...]

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Zircotec partners announce drivers for Le Mans

JMW Motorsports has announced its three driver team for the legendary Le Mans 24hrs race. The Zircotec technical partners will once again feature three experienced Le Mans participants including Abdulaziz Alfaisal who returns to the team to race at the classic event for the second year in succession. He will be joined by Seth Neiman [...]

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More Formula Student teams supported by Zircotec than ever before

Zircotec is supporting an unprecedented number of Formula Student teams from the UK, Europe and around the World with a total of 22 teams so far. This involvement forms a key strand of Zircotec's program of educational support for the next generations of automotive engineers. Zircotec offers a programme of technical support for teams competing [...]

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Trax Racing appointed a distributor in Belgium

Zircotec is delighted to announce we have appointed Trax Racing as a distributor in Belgium. Trax is based in Lier just outside Antwerp and will offer the full range of Zircotec ceramic coatings and ZircoFlex® heatshields to their customers effective immediately. Trax operate across all forms of motorsport including motorcycles, cars, quads, powerboats and even [...]

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Three top 5 finishes for Zircotec partners in BTCC despite full weight penalty

The BTCC second round threw up three different winners in the three race event held at Donington Park last weekend. Whilst it was a difficult weekend for Zircotec partner's Pirtek Racing Honda it still resulted in three top five places. As the success based weight penalties started to be distributed to the other teams the [...]

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Zircotec coating prevents disaster in Silverstone HRDC race

The Zircotec sponsored Oxford Universities Motorsport Foundation (OUMF) team's freshly prepared Riley 1.5 historic race car lost a rear core plug right at the end of qualifying for the HRDC 'Touring Greats' at Silverstone on April 5th The team feared an ignominious exit from the first HRDC meeting of the year as the Riley limped [...]

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Zircotec supported Ferrari to again compete at Le Mans & in ELMS

The JMW Racing Ferrari supported by Zircotec has confirmed their participation in the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) for the seventh consecutive year. The team will also participate in the legendary Le Mans 24 hour endurance race this June. The Ferrari 458 Italia of the JMW Racing team can be seen here in its new [...]

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Zircotec partners win two out of three opening BTCC races

Andrew Jordan took his Pirtek Racing Honda Civic to wins in the first two BTCC races of the year the second win came after getting the maximum ballast penalty of 45kg. The addition of that extra weight was too much to overcome combined with the softer tyres the team used for the third race and [...]

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Team Dynamics Racing & British Touring Car

Zircotec's Performance White coating is currently being used by Team Dynamics Racing on the exhaust manifold and collector of their British Touring Car. Oliver Collins, Manager of Team Halfords comments... "Here at Team Halfords we are always looking for that little bit extra. With the Zircotec coating on our exhaust system’s we get much cooler [...]

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Feedback on Formula Student Racing Car

Every year Zircotec supplies thermal barrier coatings to a number of teams entering the Institution of Mechanical Engineering Formula Student Competition, though 2008 was the first year that our Performance White coating was used on the University of Hertfordshire car. Tighter packaging at the rear of the 2008 car led to reduced space being [...]

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