Composite Coatings

Zircotec, over the years, have developed their coating processes to allow for composite materials to receive the same performance enhancing benefits as other materials have.  Therefore allowing the most prestigious categories of Motorsport to continue their efforts to reduce weight, whilst increasing the durability of parts in high temperature environments; something that had not been feasible prior to these refinements.

Our technology allows carbon composite materials to be used in close proximity to  areas of high heat, with minimal damage.  Without adequate heat shielding applications at play, areas such as exhausts that are hot running areas, are far more likely to incur damage to the bodywork and to itself.

We currently support some of the most recognised levels of motorsport, including; IndyCar, World Endurance, V8 Supercars, NASCAR, and most notably throughout almost the entire Formula 1 Grid.   Carbon composite parts such as brake ducts, brake shrouds and fuel rails can all receive the benefits from the Zircotec solution.

The solution itself is applied by our highly skilled staff, who control our state of the art robotic systems, which are in turn programmed by expert engineers to increase accuracy through the plasma-spray technique.

The coatings that are applied to carbon composites via our plasma spray methods are most typically in the form of our ceramic content based coating, but often our aluminium coating is also utilised where extra heat reflectivity is required.

One of the elite motorsport teams we work with had this to say recently:

“We use Zircotecs Performance Aluminium coatings on carbon composite parts that see extended periods of high temperature radiating from the brake discs.  Before we moved to this product we would often carry out repairs owing to de-lamination caused by heat soak which is a huge problem, particularly after a long run.  The Performance Aluminium coating however has significantly reduced this and component life has increased as well.”

The Zircotec coatings are currently undergoing extensive R&D testing and we are always looking to explore innovative ways to support the Motorsport Industry.  

If you are currently facing any problems and are would like to know how the Zircotec and our R&D team can offer you support, please contact us on 01235 546 050.