Protection of Carbon Composites & Plastics

///Protection of Carbon Composites & Plastics
Protection of Carbon Composites & Plastics 2017-07-26T15:10:27+00:00

Manufacturers within the Automotive industry are adopting new technologies in order to reduce the weight of vehicles.  This includes the use of Carbon Composite materials.  Zircotec are the leading supplier to the automotve sector for composite material Thermal Barrier Coatings.

Our coatings allow the use of such materials to be used within close proximity of heat sources and as such have enabled manufactureres to review design standards that previously have not been an option.

Refined plasma-sprayed coatings offer a wide range of benefits to OEMs, including:

  • Protection against heat and fire – Our Zirconia-based thermal barrier coatings protect against radiant heat or hot gas significantly reducing surface temperatures to protect carbon composite against delamination and resin melt.
  • Protection against wear, abrasion and physical damage – We supply metallic coatings to OEMs that greatly enhance the durability of composites, allowing use in areas previously deemed unsuitable.  A protective top layer of titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, aluminium or nickel is applied resulting in a thermal coating protection from the heat.
  • Precision application The carefully controlled process also allows concentration in specific areas, to increase heat protection around specific bodywork hot spots, or to add strength to a panel exactly where it’s needed most.
  • High resistance to vibration and material flex – Using our unique ThermoHold® technology ensures a robust bond capable of surpassing OEM quality and durability standards.
  • Electrically-conductive coating – To provide Radio Frequency (RF) and Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) shielding for carbon composite components, allowing more widespread use of the lightweight material in OEM auto electric applications.
  • Electrical insulation – With a highly effective insulation coating that electrically isolates the substrate from its surroundings. A multilayer process that is ideal for EMC suppression on electrical and electronic applications such as ECUs, wiring looms and antennae.
  • A range of attractive finishes both metal and ceramic, with a range of colours and textures to suit the vehicle design criteria.

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