Engine Compartment Beautification

///Engine Compartment Beautification
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We offer a range of solutions for vehicle designers and engineers wishing to improve engine compartment aesthetics:

  • Heat resistant finishes: Our heat resistant coatings can help solve immediate styling requirements with a solution that will satisfy long term appearance needs.
  • Power unit surfaces: We have coating solutions that can be applied direct to external surfaces such as covers, brackets, heat shields and other attachments.
  • In/around the engine compartment: Our coatings are applicable to most surfaces, brackets, supports, heat shields and other general components within an engine compartment that might be exposed to heat; irrespective of whether they are metallic, plastic or composite.
  • Range of stylish finishes: We have an array of colour options, styles and finishes to choose from.  We are also able to customise our range to suit a particular project.
  • Protecting long term appearance: Our coatings are formulated to maintain their appearance through long term exposure to heat.  We have coatings that are able to operate at temperatures in excess of 1,000°C. With high levels of durability, our coatings protect against corrosion and are resistant to the normal array of automotive related chemicals.
  • Thermal barrier coatings: We have coatings that will reduce the temperature of the exposed surface of hot components, providing a long lasting temperature resistant aesthetic finish that will also serve to protect other surfaces and components from the impact of heat.
  • Heat shield materials:  Our ZircoFlex®  high performance heat shield materials can be used to protect vulnerable components close to the exhaust and help reduce heat soak.

Testing – Zircotec coatings are in use on an increasing number of OEM applications and have been tested to industry standards.  This has included on-road testing, extended salt water and humidity corrosion testing, thermal shock testing, thermal cycling, thermal and UV stability, chemical exposure, stone-chip and adherence testing.

Please contact our engineering support team at enquiries@zircotec.com to discuss specific projects.