Manufacturers (OEM’s & Supply Chain)

//Manufacturers (OEM’s & Supply Chain)
Manufacturers (OEM’s & Supply Chain) 2017-07-26T15:10:33+00:00

Key products supplied by Zircotec to the OEM sector and its supply chain include:

  • Heat insulation solutions for vehicle exhaust system components:  Our thermal barrier coatings and ceramic based insulation products offer reduced heat transfer; increased thermal efficiency, component protection; and passenger comfort. More>
  • Performance heat shield solutions:  Our ZircoFlex® heat shield materials offer high performance protection against both radiant and convective heat in confined and hostile environments. More>
  • Heat resistant finishes:  Our heat resistant coatings can help solve immediate vehicle styling needs in and around the engine compartment with a solution that will also satisfy long term aesthetic requirements. More>
  • Coatings for tailpipes, trims & finishers:  Our Ultimate Range™ of ceramic coatings has been formulated specifically for tailpipe applications. We have an array of colour options, styles and finishes to chose from. We are also able to customise our range to suit a particular vehicle styling requirement. More>
  • Coatings for motorcycle applications:  Our Endurance Range™ of ceramic coatings has been specified specifically to meet the needs of motorcycle manufacturers, delivering a highly durable and robust finish that is easily maintained and kept clean. We have a number of standard finishes but are also able to customise our range to suit a particular styling requirement. More>
  • Advanced coatings specifically for composites:  Our ThermoHold® range of ceramic coatings have been developed to allow lightweight materials such as carbon composite, glass fibre composite and plastic to be used in high temperature environments. Further variants provide abrasion protection, electrical conductance or insulation and electromagnetic shielding. More>
  • Protective coatings for rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing or 3D printed parts:  An extension of our ThermoHold® range, we have coatings that are able to offer extended protection against heat or wear. More>