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The Endurance Range for motorcycles offers a smoother finish than that of our Performance Range for cars.  This has been created in order to reflect the exposed pipework on a motorcycle and design requirements.

The Endurance Range is the best thermal barrier coating on the market and is approved and used by leading motorcycle manufacturers on a range of their bikes.  Most recently, this has been the coating of choice on the Ducati Diavel Diesel.

We service customers from all over the world and offer shipping solutions to and from anywhere around the globe.  Our products are widely recognised as the leading thermal barrier coating for motorcycles, and our relationships within Motorsports, F1, NASCAR, and MotoGP allow us to continually improve and develop our product lines to suit our retail customers.

Our Endurance Range Motorcycle Ceramic Coating:

  • Has a robust fit – and – forget policy as the coating protects components against corrosion and stone chips.
  • Looks fantastic providing an incredibly smart and professional appearance.
  • Reduces exhaust surfaces temperatures by ~33%.
  • Reduces heat loss from the manifold.
  • Reduces heat soak.
  • Rapidly cools the exhaust when there engine is turned off. The surface temperature of the coating drops quickly when the engine is off.
  • Improves engine performance and reliability.
  • Provides protections for vulnerable components located close to the exhaust
  • Is smoother to the touch and easier to keep clean

The difference between our ceramic coatings for cars and the Endurance range for motorcycles, is the smoother finish of the motorcycle ceramic coating.  This is mainly because the pipework on a motorcycle is exposed to the elements, while in the car, it is protected under the bonnet.  On the technical side, both ceramic coatings have the same compound and they offer basically the same benefits.  They offer the best thermal barrier coating on the market, approved by OEM manufacturers who use us on their top of the range products; we also have more than 20 years experience working with ceramic coatings.
We have customers all over the world and we offer competitive rates on Shipping to anywhere in the planet.  Our products are widely recognised and our experience within the Motorsports, F1, NASCAR, and MotoGP allowed us to improve and develop our products to offer them to our retail customers.

To get a quote for your motorcycle, just get in touch with us.

Motorcycle Exhaust coating - Performance Colours Copper motorcycle ceramic coating, on a show bike Harley DavidsonMotorcycle Exhaust coating - Endurance range Solid Black motorcycle ceramic coating, on a Ducati DiavelMotorcycle Exhaust coating - Endurance range Solid Black motorcycle ceramic coating, on a Triumph motorcycle

The Endurance Range™ is currently available in three different finishes:

Endurance Graphite™ (an attractive matte grey finish).  This motorcycle ceramic coating is ideal for a wide range of road bike applications.
Combining modern day looks with a slightly classic appearance, this coating looks fantastic on most road bike applications.

Endurance Metallic Black™ (incorporates an attractive metallic look). This coating is our preferred choice for a more modern look.
It’s metallic finish looks superb on most modern road bike applications.

Endurance Black™ (a solid matt black finish). Although less forgiving of dirt and finger marks than the other two motorcycle ceramic coatings in the range, this is a classic matt black finish that looks absolutely fantastic on the right bike.

Our coatings come with a 3 year warranty period irrespective of whether the underlying system is new or used.
You are not covered if your motorcycle is used on the track.

We have a long experience of ceramic coating motorcycle exhausts, and within our recent works, we have coated exhausts for the following models (not limited to):

  • Ducati Diavel
  • Triumph Speed Triple
  • Harley Davidson V-Rod
  • Buell XXB1200XT
  • BMW R1200RT
  • KTM SuperDuke 1190
  • Ducati 1098
  • Honda Goldwing
  • Harley Davidson Sportster
  • Vespa scooters
Motorcycle Exhaust coating - Endurance range Graphite motorcycle ceramic coating, on a BMW motorcycleMotorcycle Exhaust coating - Endurance range Solid Black motorcycle ceramic coating, on a Harley Davidson motorcycle