Performance Road Cars

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Our ceramic exhaust coating are widely used on road cars designed and utilized for their performance, due to benefits such as:

Improved Heat Management

To protect engine compartment components, bodywork and vehicle aesthetics from stray heat.  Exhaust surface temperatures can be reduced by ∼33% with greater reductions for components close to the exhaust.

A Range of Stylish Finishes

We have a vast array of colour options, styles and finishes to choose from.  All equally applicable to both new and used parts.

More Usable Power

Our coatings help keep heat in the exhaust allowing better gas flow and combustion chamber scavenging, improved turbo charger response and performance, and better control of intake air temperatures (e.g. a 30°C drop in intake air temperature can deliver a 6% increase in power.).

High Levels of Durability

Our coatings are in effect “welded” in place, forming a solid fit-and-forget ceramic layer over the surface of the exhaust.

An Extremely Durable and Long Lasting Finish

A fit-and-forget coating that can be applied to a wide range of parts including; exhaust manifolds, exhaust headers, down pipes, turbo chargers, catalyst boxes, silencers and other exhaust system parts, finishers, tail-trims, and any other areas including engine parts where heat is a problem.

The plasma sprayed application process produces a robust, lightweight and thin coating which enhances your cars performance.  All of our high performance ceramic based coatings utilise our proprietary ThermoHold® material and can therefore only be supplied by Zircotec.

We offer three different types of ceramic coating for performance road car applications:

Performance White™

A development of our original Motorsport coating.  Performance White™ offers the ultimate in performance.  It is now used in an increasing range of factory built supercar applications.

Performance Colours™

Based on our Performance White™ formulation it delivers high levels of performance.  This coating option includes a coloured outer layer that seals the ceramic surface.  There is currently a choice of 14 different colours.

Primary Black™

This coating was developed specifically for those customers who want the benefits of a Zircotec coating but do not require as much thermal barrier performance as Performance White™ and Performance Colours™ are able to offer.