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With a broad range of applications for both cars and motorbikes, our plasma sprayed ceramic exhaust coatings and heat shield materials offer:

  • High levels of durability – Our coatings are in effect “welded” in place, forming a solid ceramic layer over the surface of the exhaust.
  • A range of stylish finishes – We have a vast array of colour options, styles and finishes to chose from, all equally applicable to both new and used parts.
  • Improved engine performance & reliability – Our coatings offer increased engine power and efficiency.
  • Better turbo response – Reduced heat loss from the exhaust gas allows turbochargers to spool-up more quickly.
  • Much lower exhaust temperatures – Exhaust surface temperatures can reduced by ~33% with greater reductions for components close to the exhaust.
  • Protection for vulnerable components – Avoiding heat damage, increasing component life, and allowing much closer packaging inside the engine bay.
  • Lower engine bay temperatures – Reductions of more than 50oC possible, reducing air intake temperatures, increasing power and helping eliminate fuel evaporation problems, with rapid cooling when the engine is turned off.
  • Reduced heat soak – Drivers are potentially cooler and more comfortable with vastly reduced heat transfer from the engine compartment.

Performance Road Cars: Our ceramic coatings deliver performance gain and heat reduction with a range of great looking finishes.

Vintage & Classic Cars: With a range of colours to chose from, our coatings help to maintain that factory finish appearance, reduce the impact of unwanted heat, protecting the life and appearance of under bonnet components, help to eliminate hot-start fuel evaporation issues, and improve overall engine performance and reliability.

Coatings for Road Bikes: We have a range of ceramic coatings developed specifically for motorbike applications.  These are smooth to the touch and easy to clean but with the high level of durability, wear resistance and thermal barrier performance inherent in a Zircotec coating.  These plasma-sprayed coatings significantly outperform aftermarket paint and are now used as a factory standard on a number of new performance motorbikes.

Flexible Ceramic Heat Shield Materials: Our high performance thermal barrier technology is now available within a self-install flexible ceramic heat shield material. Available in a number of sizes and formats, and now widely used throughout the automotive and motorsport sectors, our ZircoFlex® heat shield materials offer a number of benefits for road and track day applications.