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We provide specialist coatings for turbochargers to the top manufactures due to the world leading benefits of our thermal barrier coatings.  Our plasma sprayed ceramic based coating has the ability to keep extra heat produced by the turbocharger contained and at an optimum temperature.  We coat the exhaust pipework and the hot-side of the turbo housing which reduces surface temperatures as much as 33% and reduces the turbo lag ultimately improving the performance and reliability of your car.

It is the effectiveness of Zircotec’s coating that has seen OEM turbo manufacturers such as Turbo Dynamics and specialist car tuners such as Litchfield Imports only specify Zircotec’s coatings for their performance applications.

We offer a warranty on all our coatings, whether it is applies to a new or used exhaust system. Our warranty terms are as follows:

  • Road Use: 3 years or 100,000 miles
  • Track Use: 1 year