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We offer a range of thermal barrier and heat resistant coatings that are engineered to meet OEM turbocharger requirements:

Thermal Barrier Coatings – Our high performance plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings reduce heat transfer even under the most extreme conditions, allowing designers and engineers to manage heat.  Our coatings offer:

  • Reduced component surface temperatures (~33% surface temperature reduction)
  • Better performance; reduced turbo lag & faster throttle response
  • Improved cold-start & emission control
  • Reduced engine compartment temperatures & heat soak
  • Reduced risk to components close to the turbocharger
  • A range of attractive finishes
  • Minimal thickness, typically just 0.3mm thick allowing tighter packaging

Our plasma-sprayed ceramic thermal barrier coating options are:

Heat tolerant paint finishes – We have a range of heat resistant paint finishes that offer improved aesthetics on and around the engine, within the engine compartment, and on components around the around the turbo-charger.  These finishes are available in a wide range of colours and finishes and can withstand exposure to very high temperatures, some in excess of 1,000°C, though these coatings do not offer any thermal barrier effect and are not to be confused with our plasma sprayed ceramic thermal barrier coatings.

Testing – Zircotec coatings are in use on an increasing number of OEM applications and have been tested to industry standards.  This has included on-road testing, extended salt water and humidity corrosion testing, thermal and UV stability, chemical exposure, thermal shock testing, thermal cycling, and adherence testing.

Zircotec Heat Shield Materials – our range of ZircoFlex® heat shield materials can be used to protect vulnerable components close to the turbocharger.

Please contact our engineering support team at enquiries@zircotec.com to discuss specific projects.