Thermal barrier coatings for composites & plastics

////Thermal barrier coatings for composites & plastics
Thermal barrier coatings for composites & plastics 2017-07-26T15:10:26+00:00

Zircotec’s thermal barrier coatings

We offer a range of thermal barrier coatings that can protect carbon composite, fibreglass and plastic components from the effects of heat, hot gases and fire. Allowing lightweight materials to be operated in harsh environments where they might not otherwise be suitable.

Our carbon composite coatings are the number one choice by F1 and motorsport teams of all classes, due to its superb protection against radiant heat and ability to withstand high temperatures.  It has also passed testing standards for fire resistance and helps protect the composite material from delamination and resin failure.

Our coatings consist of a number of ceramic based thermal barrier layers. Depending upon the application, these coatings are often coupled with a thermally conductive metallic sub-layer that helps to avoid localized hot spots. A number of coating variants are available:

Performance White™ – This being our standard ceramic based thermal barrier offering.

Performance Colours™ – As above but with a temperature resistant colour finish applied for aesthetics and (by sealing the coating surface) to protect the coating from contaminants.

Performance Aluminium™ – Similar to Performance White™ but with a reflective metal surface layer to provide added protection against radiant heat.

Performance White™ Smooth – A “smooth” variant with a decreased surface area for use on aerofoil surfaces.

ThermoSlik™ – An anti-stick version of our smooth coating that helps avoid the pick-up of tyre rubber and other debris that might otherwise “spoil” air-flow.

All our coatings can allow components to survive an exposure to temperatures above their melting point. In the case of fire, our coatings prevent direct contact with naked flame and thereby increase the time taken for fire to take hold.