Coatings for RF & EMC protection

Coatings for RF & EMC protection 2017-07-26T15:10:26+00:00

Radio Frequency (RF) and Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) shielding can be a significant problem where lightweight materials are to be used since carbon composite is relatively transparent to RF signals. Manufacturers choose our coating because it enables them to use carbon composite materials where it wasn’t previously possible; it also maximises available package space.

We are able to apply a thin electrically conductive coating that:

  • Is lightweight and thin – Consists of a highly conductive aluminium based material that is 0.1mm thick.
  • Provides significant RF and EMC shielding – Our plasma based application process results in a coating that is bonded in place.
  • Is robust – Our thermal barrier coating is bonded in place making it robust and well adhered.
  • Prevents electrical contact – Our coatings incorporate less conductive sub-layer.
  • Provides electrical safety – Our coating provides Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) protection, and safety for high voltage devices.
  • Improves Performance – Our coating improve the performance of EMC composite-enclosed electronics.

Our coatings come with a 1 year motorsport warranty period irrespective of whether the underlying system is new or used.