High Performance Exhaust Coatings

///High Performance Exhaust Coatings
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We have developed a range of ultra-high performance thermal barrier coatings that are specifically designed to prevent unwanted heat loss from engine exhaust system components.  Our specialist coatings are used by a plethora of motorsport teams regularly due to the advance ThermoHold® technology which is unique to the industry.  Our proprietary ceramic based coatings can be applied to a new or used exhaust manifold, exhaust header, turbocharger casing, exhaust system down pipes, hot engine components, tailpipes, finishers or tail-trims and any areas where heat is a problem.  Coating options are:

Performance White™

Performance Colours™

Zircotec’s exhaust coating material can be applied equally well to new & used exhaust system components, and to most metals & metal alloys.  We coat all types of steel, titanium, nickel, chrome, nickel alloys, aluminium, copper and brass.  Our coatings come with a 1 year motorsport warranty period irrespective of whether the underlying system is new or used.

Heat Tolerant Paint Finishes
We have a range of heat resistant paint finishes that offer improved aesthetics on and around the engine, within the engine compartment, and on components around the exhaust; these finishes are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. These high tolerant paint finishes can withstand exposure to very high temperatures, some in excess of 1,000°C, though these coatings do not offer any thermal barrier effect and are not to be confused with our plasma sprayed ceramic thermal barrier coatings.