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Ceramic coated turbocharger housing    Turbocharger housing being ceramic coated 

Ceramic Coating for Turbochargers

Zircotec is seeing an ever increasing number of turbocharger applications.


Engine compartment temperatures are often higher on a turbocharged car due to the presence of the hot turbo housing and the increased length of exhaust pipework needed to route hot exhaust gas through to the turbo. The whole of this surface area allows significant amounts of heat to pass into the engine compartment, and this heat has to be dissipated along with all of the other engine heat.


 By coating the exhaust pipework and the hot-side of the turbo housing, Zircotec is able to significantly reduce the amount of heat escaping into the engine compartment, lowering engine compartment temperatures, which in turn improves reliability and safety.


 It is the effectiveness of the Zircotec coating, offering surface temperature reductions of as much as 33%, that has seen OEM turbo manufacturers such as Turbo Dynamics and specialist car tuners such as Litchfield Imports only specify Zircotec's coatings for their performance applications. 


Ceramic Coating for turbochargers increases performance and reliability - by reducing heat from the turbo, engine bay temperatures can be reduced, protecting sensitive electrical parts and reducing the risk of fuel vaporisation.  There is increased performance too; keeping heat inside the turbo helps it spool up quicker, improving throttle response and lag. 


Talking about the performance advantage offered by Zircotec's performance coating on their Type 25 Impreza, Iain Litchfield, managing director of Litchfield Import's comments "we're finding it is bringing the turbo up to speed 300 or 400 rpm sooner.....which you can really feel in the crispness of the throttle response."


Ceramic Coating for turbochargers is more effective than wrap - Zircotec's coating is able to last longer and looks better than wrap solutions that have a habit of becoming brittle over time. Wrap can soak up oil too. Being bulky, wrap technologies need more space and can restrict airflow. Zircotec's coatings require minimum space for maximum effect.


Ceramic Coating for turbochargers improves underbonnet aesthetics - Ceramic coating is available in a range of colours to compliment engine detailing, silicon hoses or vehicle body colour to enhance any underbonnet installation with a great look and true performance.


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