All of our ceramic thermal barrier coatings utilise Zircotec's proprietary ThermoholdTM technology and are applied using Zircotec's own in-house highly optimised plasma-spray process, as first developed in the UK nuclear power industry. Formulated from selected ceramic materials, all of Zircotec's thermal barrier coatings contain more than 99% by weight of pure ceramic, and our coatings are applied to a typical thickness of 300µm (.012"), i.e. more than ten times the normal thickness of a paint.


With plasma-spray process temperatures approaching 10,000oC (18,000oF) the ceramic coating material is melted within our process and propelled towards the component being coated. There, the molten ceramic droplets flatten, cool and then solidify to weld themselves in place. Zircotec's ceramic coatings are therefore extremely well adhered to the underlying component, providing an extremely hard and durable surface that is highly resistant to vibration, mechanical damage and thermal shock. Furthermore, all of our coatings undergo rigorous life time testing before they are included within our range. Zircotec's coatings are unique and can only be offered by Zircotec.   


There are a large number of control parameters that influence the behaviour of the ceramic particles within the plasma jet, and the way these particles interact with the surface being sprayed, e.g. feedstock type, particle size, plasma gas composition and flow rate, energy input, torch design and offset, and substrate cooling. Zircotec's plasma-sprayed material consists of a matrix of pancake-like "splats" that are formed as the molten ceramic solidifies. These have thicknesses of just a few micrometers and about 100 micrometers across. The matrix also includes voids where very small pockets of gas is trapped within the structure. Zircotec controls this voidage to further increase the thermal barrier properties of its coatings.


Zircotec has developed a broad range of different ceramic coatings, all based on its proprietary ThermoholdTM technology.



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