High performance coatings for exhaust tailpipes, finishers & trims

ceramic coating options for tailpipes
ceramic coating options for tailpipes
Ceramic coating for exhaust tailpipes and finishers Ceramic coating of exhaust tailpipes, trims and finishers

Zircotec has developed a number of coating options for exhaust tailpipe applications.

  • Performance RangeTM - a derivative of our highly successful range of exhaust coatings, this range offers a choice of colours with a surface finish and texture that is robust, sealed and is easily maintained. The range has been formulated to withstand the temperature of hot exhaust gas and provide a thermal barrier to protect surrounding bodywork and trim from heat. The coating is resistant to stone chips, corrosion and staining, so it continues to perform and look good mile after mile.
  • Diamond BlackTM - a black/grey ceramic coating that is designed to provide an attractive yet extremely tough and durable finish that is exceptionally hard wearing and highly resistant to stone chipping and other forms of mechanical damage. As a thermal barrier coating it is ideally suited for exposed areas, where aesthetics are important, and where physical damage might be a problem. It is particularly well suited to tailpipe sections.
  • Ultimate RangeTM - Coming Soon

All of these coatings are plasma sprayed and utilise our proprietary ThermoHold® ceramic material. For further details see our our process video.