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Ceramic exhaust coating for performance cars   Ceramic exhaust coating for Subaru Impreza

Modified performance cars can run much hotter than the manufacturer originally intended. The additional heat created by squeezing more power from an engine, or by driving it hard on a track, can prevent the full performance potential of an upgrade from being exploited. Excess heat can lead to reliability issues and cause damage to ancillary components. Our ceramic exhaust coating solves these problems using technology already proven with professional motorsport teams. More>


Our exhaust system coatings offer

  • A robust fit-and-forget coating. It is in effect "welded" to the substrate using our proprietary metal bond system;eliminating the need for exhaust wrap; protecting components against corrosion; and continuing to perform and look good. 

  • A coating that looks fantastic providing an incredibly smart and professional appearance, in many cases matching a specific custom finish requirement.
  • Much lower exhaust temperatures - exhaust surface temperatures reduce by ~33%.

  • Reduced heat loss from the manifold resulting in lower engine bay temperatures - reductions of >50oC are possible. By comparison, just a 30oC drop in intake air temperature can deliver a 6% increase in engine power. For more information download our Case Study>

  • Improved engine performance & reliability. Lower air intake temperatures lead to increased engine power, whilst keeping the heat inside the exhaust gas allows the gases to flow more easily increasing cylinder scavenging to create a supercharging effect (to provide further power gains) and allowing turbochargers to become significantly more responsive.

  • Reduced heat soak through footwells, bulkheads, etc. so drivers are potentially cooler, more comfortable, and more able to concentrate.
  • Protection for vulnerable components located close to the exhaust; avoiding heat damage, increasing component life, and allowing closer packaging of equipment inside the engine bay.
  • Rapid cooling of the exhaust when the engine is turned off - the surface temperature of the coating drops quickly when the engine is off, making pit stops faster, easier and safer. 

ZircoFlex® our flexible ceramic heat shield material

ZircoFlex® is Zircotec's high performance self-install ceramic heatshield material. This material is used throughout motorsport and is increasingly being used by the wider automotive sector. It offers a number of benefits for performance road car and track day applications. More>