Here at Zircotec we offer:

  • EXHAUST SYSTEM COATINGS - we offer a range of high performance engine exhaust system coatings that significantly reduce the transfer of heat from the system, reduce component surface temperatures and reduce temperatures in the areas around the exhaust system.

  • CARBON COMPOSITE COATINGS - this is a range of engineered coatings that protects carbon composite materials (also glass fibre composite and some plastics) from the effects of fire and heat.

  • CERAMIC COATINGS and METAL COATINGS - other plasma-sprayed coatings offered by Zircotec as a service to a range of industries providing: thermal barrier coatings, wear resistant coatings, electrical insulation, and coatings to achieve surface texture aesthetics.

Please follow the above links for more details of these products and services. Zircotec also offers a more general plasma-spraying service to industry and we are always interested in identifying possible new applications for our technology. Please feel free to contact us if you think you might have a need for our expertise.



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