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Performance road bike application - our Endurance Range exhaust coating
Race bike with Zircotec ceramic coated exhaust Customised road bike using Zircotec Performance Colours coating

Our exhaust system coatings offer

  • A robust fit-and-forget coating protecting components against corrosion, stone chips, etc.

  • A coating that looks fantastic providing an incredibly smart and professional appearance, in many cases
    matching a specific custom finish requirement
  • Much lower exhaust temperatures - exhaust surface temperatures reduce by ~33%.

  • Reduced heat loss from the manifold resulting in lower temperatures inside fairings, etc.

  • Reduced heat soak through boots, seats, etc. so drivers are potentially cooler, more comfortable, and
    more able to concentrate.

  • Improved engine performance & reliability. Keeping the heat inside the exhaust gas allows the gases to
    flow more easily increasing cylinder scavenging
    to create a supercharging effect - something that is especially noticable with two-stroke engines.

  • Protection for vulnerable components located close to the exhaust; avoiding heat damage, increasing component life, and allowing closer packaging of equipment near the exhaust.
  • Rapid cooling of the exhaust when the engine is turned off - the surface temperature of the coating drops quickly when the engine is off.

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