Coatings for carbon composites, glass-fibre and some plastics

  Surface coatings for carbon composite materials

Zircotec has refined its plasma-spray coating technology to allow metal and ceramic coatings to be applied to carbon composite, glass-fibre and a range of plastic materials. We now have coatings that offer:

  • Protection against heat and fire - our thermal barrier coatings protect against radiant heat or hot gas, provide fire resistance, and protect carbon composite against delamination and resin melt. More> 
  • Protection against wear, abrasion & physical damage - we have coatings that provide physical protection to vulnerable surfaces, helping to prevent wear, abrasion, stone chips, etc. More>
  • A thin electrically conductive coating - to provide Radio Frequency (RF) and Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) shielding for carbon composite components. More>
  • Electrical insulation - we offer an extremely effective electrical insulation coating that electrically isolates the substrate from its suroundings. More>
  • A range of attractive finishes - this includes both metal and ceramic finishes in a range of colours and textures. More>

Based on Zircotec's proprietary ThermoHold® technology, and with patents pending, our coatings allow high strength lightweight materials to be used in environments for which they would otherwise be unsuitable.


Our plasma based application process results in coatings are extremely well adhered - they are in effect "welded" in place. As a result, our coatings are robust; highly resistant to vibration and mechanical damage; and tollerant to significant flexing of the substrate.